SPL token fees in the exchange

Hello, I am searching informations about the fees. I know that the fees are payd by wrapped SOL in the account that is the authority of the TOKEN ( the owner). But if I list my token in an exchange? Who pay the fees? I know that Solana needs them and takes them from the wrapped sol into it but If the token is changed continously I pay fees and the SOL amount into the SPL will finish soon!!! How can I automate the refilling by fees in an exchange?

What kind of exchange do you want to list your token on? Different exchanges work differently.

I don’t know of any exchanges that pay Solana fees in wrapped SOL.

For instance, if you got your token listed on a decentralized Automated Market Maker ( AMM ) like Orca, then you don’t have to pay any fees. You do need people to provide liquidity for your token, though, which means you might want to allocate a certain amount of your token as rewards to people who provide liquidity for your token.

What exchange were you thinking of?

The fees that a token pays are the Solana blockchain fees in general. To survive on a blockchain a token have to pay transactions. If I make a SOL transaction from A to B by solflare wallet I notice that the SOL from A is 1, and the sol that arrives to B is not 1 but: 0.99995.
If I send one SPL token from A to B I notice that will arrive to B 1 SPL Token and the SOL wrapped in its address are as less as the time passes.
So I would know: how a token Life can be made longer if the wrapped SOL are fixed? I cannot pay the fees for clients like A and B. How the exchange (es. Binance) can take fees from my new listed Token?

If we have, for example an SPL token, such as USDC.

If person A sends 1 USDC to person B then person B receives 1 USDC, but person A will have to pay a small amount of SOL out of their wallet.

The SPL token is un-affected by the fee.

The fee is usually taken out of the SOL of the person sending the token, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s possible that Binance pays the SOL transfer fee for you when you trade SPL tokens with Binance.

I’m not sure, though, because I don’t use Binance.

Your tokens, though, won’t be depleted by trading on exchanges. The only thing that is charged for transfers is SOL, not your SPL token, and it doesn’t decrease your SPL token.

Since a token must have a SOL in both wallet sender and receiver, so that token is unusefull. It is a nothing. I need to use a token as isolated coin. I can pay SOL in only one wrapping place, but it is impossible for me the use of a token if everybody must pay SOL for it. I am searching the way to use my token as a governance for my projects.