Stake-o-Matic Delegation Matching Program

I know. That’s exactly the line of code I’m talking about.

I’m saying the “bonus” stake account is deactivated, it isn’t redistributed to anyone else it sits there until that specific validator hits the performance threshold, or if they don’t it sits there unused, not earning rewards.

Do you get what I am saying?

Ah yup. That sounds about right. Looking forward to seeing these scripts evolve!

I noted down step-by-step what I did to run the Stake-o-Matic and a small tweak I did. May help someone struggling to run it.


Great work by @Paulee and the Forbole team on their version of the Stake-o-Matic script:

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Hi, all!

I am conducting a research of staking pools on Solana, which were partially inspired by the Foundation delegation program. I want to compare different pools (e.g. Marinade, Socean, Lido, Parrot) and SFDP in terms of how they affect decentralization of the network.

It is stated in the original post that “The Solana Foundation currently has an instance of stake-o-matic deployed on Mainnet Beta that is actively managing around 75M SOL of delegations. This deployed instance of this program employs the following rules”.

To ingest actual data I use stake pool authority addresses for abovementioned pools, which are openly accessible in these pools documentation, and use JSON RPC API to getProgramAccounts with corresponding memcmp filter. But I can’t find any details about SFDP pool to identify respective accounts and get some data.

Could someone describe, please, where to find the SFDP stake-o-matic program pool account address or stake/withdraw authority?

Thanks in advance for help!

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