Stake return noob question

When you stake Sol, is the percentage returned after each epoch, determined by the quantity of sol you stake or is it based on the dollar value of the Sol?

So for example if my return is 5% does that mean I will receive 5% of Sol, of whatever amount of Sol I stake, or is 5% of the dollar amount value of the staked sol I put in?

If the return is based on quantity of Sol, if the price of Sol goes up the does this impact the amount of sol I get in return?

If the return is based on the dollar amount, does this mean that as the price of Sol goes up, I will receive less and less sol in return?

The percentage will be measured in SOL, not the dollar amount of SOL, and it doesn’t change your rewards based on the dollar price of SOL.

It’s fully independant of however much SOL cost in any other currency.

On a sidenote, if you are wanting to stake in validators, a good way to do it is through a pool, like JPool. But always do your own research when people send you links to apps like this. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this info!

Interesting, so this would mean that if the amount I stake never changes, the return will always be roughly the same no matter how much the price of Sol goes up or down. Correct?

Yep that’s right!

Well, disregarding changes in validator performance or commission, which can have an effect on the rewards that you get. Also, I’m not sure if it makes a difference how many other people have staked in that validator, etc.

So, pretty much it should remain the same if validator conditions remain the same, but there are things that could affect it.

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Thank you zicklag!

Much appreciated! This clears up a lot of questions I had.

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