Staking - Where's the Balance and how to Retrieve the money back?


I was using the Phantom App for Chrome and saw that there was a Staking possibility. I have used it (first time using staking) and basically my balance now shows as zero because the SOL were transfered to this staking program.

  1. How can I retrieve my SOL back when I want?
  2. How can I check my Staking Balance through Phantom? Or need to use a different tool?


You can unstake your tokens at any time, but it takes some time to deactivate and come back into your wallet where you can spend it. I think deactivation can take up to a day, but it shouldn’t take longer than that.

With Phantom, click on your SOL token balance, and then click the staking button, and it will show you all the validators you have staked in. If you click each validator it should show you how much stake you have in the validator, and how much extra SOL you have earned for your stake.

You can also choose to unstake from the validator from that page which will start the deactivation process.


@zicklag, very good answer.

Thanks! Got it! So stupid of me - It was a UI issue as I wasn’t clicking in the SOL token to see it. I was expecting some kind of “Staking Tab” :slight_smile:

Problem Solved. New Problem: I’ve staked it using the Certus One Validator but it says “Activating” for over 12 hours now. Hmmm Any insights @zicklag

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The stake you add to a validator will stay in “Activating” mode for a while, but I don’t think it will take longer than a day. If I remember correctly it technically takes a Solana “epoch” which is something like the time period it takes to rotate validators or something like that. ( I haven’t looked super deep into it yet )

Anyway, don’t worry about it unless it takes more than 48 hours. Once the epoch is over your stack should be activated and earning rewards.