[START HERE] Validator Compensation Registration

Hey all:

From all of us at Solana, we hope you’ve been safe and healthy during these trying times. While we’re all now working from home, that hasn’t stopped our pace. We recently launched on Binance, announced multiple partnerships, and shipped many features not only on Mainnet Beta but on the Tour de SOL testnet.

This post is to let you know that all individuals who have earned rewards through either the Tour de SOL initiative or the SLP/Mainnet Beta initiative must complete the following steps of registration to receive compensation. Below is a diagram outlining all necessary steps. This post is meant to provide you with clear instructions and links to help with your process.

Important Notes:

  • Unfortunately, we need everyone to submit their Mainnet wallet addresses. Due to a lack of guidance on our end, some of the previously completed documents provided invalid addresses.
  • A reminder that we distribute TdS/SLP/Mainnet Beta tokens generally once a quarter. For (essentially) everyone that has participated to date, this will be your first distribution of all compensation earned to date. The next distribution will occur in the following quarter (i.e. 3 months from now).
  • Upon wrapping up all existing registrants, from May 1st onwards we will be excluding any participants from the US, which will reduce the administration overhead and help streamline any new participants in any of our networks.

Steps to be completed before May 1st:

  1. Register on Google Forms.

    1. Complete the following form to begin registration: https://forms.gle/gGS2z4jTXq6hAZ2X9
  2. Complete KYC/AML via Coinlist

    1. Verify your identity and residency via Coinlist. To be eligible for compensation, you must verify both your identity and residency. If you haven’t passed one of these checks and have been waiting for more than a few days, please contact the Coinlist team at team@coinlist.co.
    2. If you’ve completed KYC/AML previously for any Solana initiative (SLP or TdS), you do not need to register again. One entry with identity and residency verification is sufficient.
    3. The only exception to this is if you registered as an entity or individual from one of the restricted geographies. If you are from Vietnam, India, Cuba, the Syrian Arab Republic, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or any countries covered in Standard OFAC exclusions, you are not eligible for compensation. If you have a different investment entity located elsewhere, you can use that entity instead.
  3. Sign the Participation Agreement via Coinlist

    1. This is the final part of the Coinlist signup.
    2. If you’ve already gone through the entire CoinList process, then you’ve done this already. The last step to complete registration is to agree to the terms outlined within the Participation Agreement. Please double check on your Coinlist Token Sale Manager account to make sure you have signed the agreement.
  4. Tax Forms: W8-BEN/W9/W8-BEN-E

    1. Depending on your country of residence, you will need to fill one of the following forms:

      1. U.S. Resident: W-9
      2. Foreign Resident: W8-BEN
      3. Foreign Entity: W8-BEN-E
    2. These forms, previous to the Binance listing, were directly emailed to participants via DocuSign. If you did not receive one (or did not complete it in time), please access these forms through the following links.

      1. W8-BEN: https://na3.docusign.net/Member/PowerFormSigning.aspx?PowerFormId=15d8babb-cbef-4ee1-8cbd-24471ae4db1a&env=na3-eu1&acct=06f8203b-1e3b-4386-b760-607a6bdb752c
      2. W9: https://na3.docusign.net/Member/PowerFormSigning.aspx?PowerFormId=d7bc2d31-9619-420a-bd00-32463bae96f9&env=na3-eu1&acct=06f8203b-1e3b-4386-b760-607a6bdb752c
      3. W8-BEN-E: https://na3.docusign.net/Member/PowerFormSigning.aspx?PowerFormId=617558e2-56d6-40c6-a24b-ecbaf008512c&env=na3-eu1&acct=06f8203b-1e3b-4386-b760-607a6bdb752c
    3. If you have signed these forms once already (for either SLP or TdS), you don’t need to do so again.

  5. (Mainnet Beta Only) Complete the 500 SOL Validator Agreement document. This document affirms that you will only use our initial 500 SOL delegation for upholding network fees. You can complete the form here.

  6. Pre-Notice

    1. These token prenotices are emailed via DocuSign. Once you have completed all of the steps above, you will receive a prenotice in your registered email inbox. This document is only required if you registered as an individual. If you registered as a company you can skip this step and refer to Reg-S distribution steps provided by the Solana team.
  7. Token Agreement.

    1. After May 1st, Token Agreements will be distributed to eligible participants via DocuSign to your registered email inbox. Please note that if you have received a Token Agreement in the past but did not fill out the document, you must complete one again.

If you fail to complete all of the necessary steps before May 1st, you will need to undergo a completely different setup through the Solana Foundation. We will distribute documentation related to this registration process once the May 1st window has closed.

To check your current status, please refer to the Public Registry (linked here), updated daily. We will maintain this document as the single source of truth regarding validator compensation signup and will do our best to maintain its validity.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email at ryan@solana.com or on Discord, rshea#2622. The entire operations team is here to support you as you work through the registration process.

SOL was acquired via Binance do we need to do anything? What about for stake rewards via Binance?

Hey @Psylent, this thread won’t apply to you.

This is only relevant for those who are trying to earn compensation as a validator through TdS Stages or performance agreements in Mainnet Beta.

bluff! What a process for an “open source” network, opting to house decentralized ecosystems. I can only imagine… what it’s gonna look like, when say, dapps begin to cling on Solana trunk.