Stolen sol from wallet

today someone transfer my sol unauthorized.
i know most likely it’s gone but i dont know how i exposure my wallet. i use extension phantom wallet on PC and android solflare app. i connect my wallet only to star atlas web.

link to transaction

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Hi @zielik909 and welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m so sorry your funds were lost! :confused: Unfortunately you’re right and, there isn’t a way to get them back.

I think the way you got hacked may have been through the Solflare app. I’d have to check again, but I don’t know if Solflare actually has an android app, which would make the one that you installed a fake that probably stole your funds.

I’ve heard of at least two other users who lost their funds through a Solflare android app.

In the future I recommend using a Ledger hardware wallet and only putting your seed phrase into the ledger device. Then you can connect your ledger to typical wallets such as Phantom on the PC and other mobile wallets. Using the ledger will protect your wallet and stop any transfers from happening without you physically pushing the buttons your your ledger device to confirm the transaction.

This won’t stop all hacks, for instance if you connected to a malicious website and you approved the transaction on your ledger, not knowing that it would scam you, but it will stop anything from being done without you approving of the transaction yourself.