Suggestions from a new user

To begin with I’d like to thank the team immensely for the amazing product they have created.

I only have three suggestions.

The first is about bridging. Currently it’s a bit of a faff bridging assets over, especially if you have them on a network like BSC to avoid gas. It’s cumbersome and confusing and will put people off. A standalone wrapping service separate from FTX would be also be very useful.

Second is the lack of a browser extension wallet or at least metamask support. The current wallets are very clunky and look ugly. This will not entice people over from centralised finance as it doesn’t look professional.

My third suggestion is the addition of leverage to Serum. This would see it become truly competitive with centralised exchanges and offer the same functionality.

I’m sure none of these suggestions are new but I hope this reinforces the importance of these changes. Again, thanks so much to the team for all the hard work.

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Oh sorry one more thing, it would be great if you could add support for a wider range of tokens and coins so that we can keep all of our trading on Solana and off Ethereum net.

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yes I would like to move my metamask link to solana. but i dont want to use wraped i one the original link non custodial. be hable to stake link. also bancor. use ave in solana just like in eth.

Hello, I’m also a new user,

I agree, a standalone wrapper is needed here too.

I do find the in-browser wallet convenient, it just works, I’m currently using sollet(dot)io and both work well on mobile too, and there’s no need to install additional extentions.

I believe leverage will be available through third party DeFi exchanges, it depends on the devs. Some examples would be and soon

when it comes to wallets - you have
bridging is possible through wormhole - Wormhole Solana Bridge
Serum is a product built on top of solana, so you might want to reach out to them (so this is not the best place to do so)
and wider range of tokens - it’s actually up to devs of those projects. moving a project from one blockchain to another is actually an extremely hard thing to do, so I don’t think a lot of project will go this route