Take 1 minute to read We from Ukraine

I am at a loss and write everywhere where possible. I don’t know if I should write this here, but you can take a minute to read
It’s very embarrassing, but it’s very important to us.
Hello everyone, we are from Ukraine.
I am from Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, Nemyriv city.
Because of the war in Ukraine, I had problems, we are engaged in agrarian business, we sow wheat and raise pigs.
We cannot sell our harvest due to the fact that Russia attacked us and all seaports do not work, now it is not realistic to sell the harvest.

And because of this, we cannot start a new sowing, we have no money for this, for seeds and mineral fertilizers

My work is impossible and I don’t have what people pay salaries and interest on loans for.
My business is on the verge of bankruptcy.

I beg you to help anyone in any way you can, and contact me. As soon as everything is fine with us, I will try to everyone who wrote to me and helped to return everything.
We are also ready to pay a percentage of 3% per annum of the amount.

If you need documents or photo confirmation, write to me and I will send you a photo, or we can call by video link, I will show our equipment, show the warehouse with the harvest, pigs

I beg you to help, we are at the stage of bankruptcy.

We really need $27950, we will be very grateful even for 1 dollar.
You will help us save the cause and you will be rewarded.
Peaceful sky, and that there would be no war!
If you have read to the end and have a desire to help, here is my Solana wallet: FkA6uhZRuvhU7VRmRdfSPKAUikmNSEW739ZGu8iGpYfZ

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