TDS, DR, SLP networks - what are the differences?

Hi All,

TDS? DR? SLP? Lots going on, much confusion, too many acronyms - these statements are true!

With the announcement of registration for our “Soft Launch Phase 1.1” network (SLP1.1) and our continuing work with “Dry Run” networks (e.g. DR6 currently underway) on our path toward “Tour de SOL” (TdS), we have a lot of network names being thrown about so here is an attempt to clarify and get ahead of the understandable confusion.

Tour de SOL + Dry Run Networks

Soft-Launch Phase 1.1 (SLP1.1) Network

  • Test network for
    • practicing the genesis launch process with 3rd party validators,
    • providing a reliable ‘development network’ for partner integrations,
    • and creating and practicing upgrade processes and communications between the Solana Foundation and the community.
  • Participation is incentivized!
    • Network inflation rewards are disabled (as are fees and commissions), but participants will be compensated for their services via performance based token contracts (i.e. keep the network up, you get tokens). See the SLP announcement for more information
    • Currently restricted to validators who have participated in one of our previous Dry Runs (DR6 included)
      • Registration open as of 1/8/20, need public keys by EOW, kickoff of SLP1.1 on Monday 1/13/20

In summary, we have two lines of network development

  1. TdS + DRs = networks that build up to our incentivized testnet
  2. SLP = stable, incentivized network with 3rd parties, used to test genesis process, upgrade process and partner integrations.

Hope that helps!