Test Validator bzip2 error

When trying to start test validator on win10, I get the following error:

“ERROR solana_ledger::blockstore] tar stderr: tar: Can’t launch external program: bzip2”

Full output is:

logging to file is not supported on this platform
[2021-10-26T18:41:44.957904400Z WARN solana_perf] CUDA is disabled
[2021-10-26T18:41:44.958175100Z INFO solana_perf] AVX detected
[2021-10-26T18:41:44.958297500Z INFO solana_perf] AVX2 detected
[2021-10-26T18:41:45.002285900Z INFO solana_faucet::faucet] Faucet started. Listening on:
[2021-10-26T18:41:45.002544200Z INFO solana_faucet::faucet] Faucet account address: AmGDbFQDBHeE3J6UtM9STWsrncpqmNsMxGqruMYyqeq5
Ledger location: test-ledger
Log: test-ledger\validator.log
⠉ Initializing…
⠄ Initializing…
[2021-10-26T18:41:49.373527800Z INFO solana_ledger::blockstore] “test-ledger\rocksdb” open took 4.2s
[2021-10-26T18:41:49.377208500Z INFO solana_metrics::metrics] metrics disabled: SOLANA_METRICS_CONFIG: environment variable not found
[2021-10-26T18:41:49.377641700Z INFO solana_metrics::metrics] datapoint: shred_insert_is_full total_time_ms=0i slot=0i ⠠ Initializing…
[2021-10-26T18:41:49.841220300Z ERROR solana_ledger::blockstore] tar stdout:
[2021-10-26T18:41:49.841446300Z ERROR solana_ledger::blockstore] tar stderr: tar: Can’t launch external program: bzip2
Error: failed to start validator: Failed to create ledger at test-ledger: blockstore error

Hi @ijuedt and welcome to the forum!

It sounds like you need to install bzip2, or you could install the Solana CLI inside of a WSL ( Windows Subsystem for Linux ) shell instead, which will come with bzip2.

I would probably recommend using WSL.

Let me know if you have any other questions about it!

Hi @zicklag ,

thanks for your reply! I’ve already deployed bzip2, maybe it’s only a matter of configuring solana to use it - for this, I didn’t find documentation, maybe I overlooked soomething. As far as possible, I’d like to keep my Windows deployment as other parts of my installation run already well and I’m not that much used to a Linux environment.

Fair enough. :+1: :slight_smile:

In that case, are you able to run bzip2 on the windows commandline?

Thanks for the hint! Turns out I had to fix the path variable manually for bzip2. It’s not set on installation, neither of Solana nor of a separate bzip2, so win10 setup the latter seems to be sloppy.

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