The bridge to ETH doesn't work

Hi there,
Steps to reproduce:
1.Open wallet;
2.Try to sent USDT tokens via to ERC20;
3. Reach Endless pending.

  • zBkMmdZAQx7N5iHUyAGFyCk2fjZ7GVYuzwJponTJGjfXNx9S8Ww9GHKoM24JL5K1JS23Uu2KXVnpfMEZRhW95ib
  • wtcPzMPj4udaFKywoAthsEzfVDLPzoXJRmBWHEyANyXhkYaexzsC3k1CdQgsrRALngtWEgpkCBw5xQBKxisNqGN
  • 3ArrTNni9J81fiJSTSmHg3rJvBsktGTqi3kc8CFU8Aj63wGa1jovLWpgUKpTk4z2x8kYTHYNQhF52Q5NmzGZU7V5
  • 2R3Pvkxb6GLWx1e1C4Cd64SFJ7Epxu2HaSXZic9H6TPkUPZBavWo51geq4r8XPFTJAQTM5ZYwf4o484EizjiRrHm

Bummed into the problem yesterday. Reproduced the problem four times. Tried reloading the wallet, re-logging, using different browsers and different ERC20 addresses.
According to the transaction history of the bridge address, the last successful transaction was made 16 hours ago.
Could you kindly help me :heart:

The issue was solved! Thank you so much for your help.