The instruction "solana transfer" used on token minting account

I transfered 1 Sol on my own token minting address instead of the token account.

The account is : DQD4y9AL2eWHH4gyc8NC1fzEMo6EZn4LuHwCghq5LnzN
The token address is : 4ZSG9zyxCsDa9VKtXUHkw48aNJS5aikETjA8Z1mP2vcP

The Sol is on the token address instead of the token account. So, when I try to use the instruction “solana transfer” to transfer this Sol to the Token account, I got the following result:

C:\Windows\system32>solana transfer --from 4ZSG9zyxCsDa9VKtXUHkw48aNJS5aikETjA8Z1mP2vcP DQD4y9AL2eWHH4gyc8NC1fzEMo6EZn4LuHwCghq5LnzN 1

Error: Dynamic program error: missing signature for supplied pubkey: 4ZSG9zyxCsDa9VKtXUHkw48aNJS5aikETjA8Z1mP2vcP