The **Nomination Period** of the community process to enable inflation on Mainnet Beta is now CLOSED

UPDATE FEB 5: The Nomination Period has now closed. Thanks to all the nominees. We’ll be publishing next steps in the process shortly!

Hi Solana Community!

We’re happy to announce the opening of the Nomination Period for Inflation Candidates. This is the first of three steps in the community governance process proposed here for enabling full inflation on Mainnet Beta!

Nomination Period - What is it?

Starting today, Friday Jan 29th at 9:00am PST and over the next 7 days, ending Friday Feb 5th at 9:00am PST, the Solana Foundation will be collecting nominations of folks who are interested in becoming eligible to become an Inflation Candidate and potentially garner enough community votes to be granted the ability to enable full inflation on Mainnet Beta

How to nominate an Inflation Candidate?

There are three steps to becoming a nomination candidate

  1. Email and we will respond providing you with a unique pubkey. This address will be used to identify the candidate’s Inflation Candidate Feature Proposal.
  2. Generate your own keypair using: solana-keygen new -o inflation.json. Keep it safe, if you are successfully elected during the Voting Period this keypair can be used to enable full-inflation via: solana feature activate inflation.json.
  3. Submit your nomination! Fork the solana project, apply the contents of this template to your fork and submit a pull request. You’ll be adding the two keys generated above to the template: Vote Address from step 1 and Enable Address from step 2 along with an identifier labelled with the placeholder "my_name”. The core team will help you merge your PR but you might be required to make minor formatting or other changes to ensure that it compiles successfully.

Once these steps are completed, you will have submitted a nomination for Inflation Candidate!

Then what happens?

At the close of the Nomination Period (next Friday), a new Solana build will be shipped that includes all of the nominations described above (i.e. the release will include all of the nominee pull requests). If that release is adopted by the majority of the validators on the network, the Feature Proposals for all of the Inflation Candidates will be then initiated by the Solana Foundation and the Voting Period will begin.

As mentioned above, a new release will be generated that includes all of the nominations submitted over the Nomination Period. The Voting Period will begin if/when 95% of the validators upgrade to that release version on Mainnet Beta. From past upgrades, we expect this to take a few days so it is likely that the Voting Period may begin Tuesday or Wednesday (Feb 9th or 10th) the following week.

During the Voting Period the Solana Foundation will post the instructions on how to vote along with the Inflation Candidate identifiers and Vote Addresses that were collected during the Nomination Period.

Once any Inflation Candidate receives >66% of the Vote SPL Tokens submitted to their Feature Proposal acceptance address, they will automatically be able to enable the full-inflation feature for Mainnet Beta, using the inflation.json keypair they generated which contains the Enable Address.

The Solana Foundation does not support, endorse, or object to any vote, measure, or decision put forward to the Solana ecosystem. The Solana Foundation does not vote on Solana voting proposals and does not participate in the voting process outside of, from time to time, providing administrative support to certain aspects of the voting process. The Solana Foundation will never advocate for or against any position.