Theft of my SOL tokens in my Phantom Wallet

In my Phantom wallet under your collectibles is an NFT with a Christmas tree. I clicked on it and after that all my SOL tokens were transferred to another account. All the other assets in my Phantom wallet haven’t moved, it’s just all my stolen SOL tokens.
Can I have any hope of recovering my SOL tokens?
Best regards.

Hi @Steph and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately, once tokens are transferred, there’s no reversing it, so your tokens are lost. I’m sorry for your loss!

Just a quick question, when you clicked on it, it brought you to a website right? And that website asked you to connect your wallet for some kind of NFT drop or something?

Was it this NFT?


Thanks to have answering me.

I didn?t remember if I connected at one web site.
But I still can see the address where my
SOL tokens were transferred…

Best regards.

Le jeu. 17 f?vr. 2022 ? 18:16, Zicklag via Solana a ?crit :

Yeah, I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do even if we know where the money went. He’d have to choose to give it back to you.

OK, I was just curious because I was pretty sure that you couldn’t lose money unless you connected to a website and approve a transaction in you wallet. I don’t think you can lose tokens just by clicking on the NFT, but if that was what happened I wanted to know just in case other people ran into the same problem.

Again, sorry I can’t help! :confused:

Ok never mind, it?s my fault, I was not vigilant…!
I console myself by telling me that i am lucky to have bought these tokens last year, so at a small price…

Best regards.

Le ven. 18 f?vr. 2022 ? 02:45, Zicklag via Solana a ?crit :

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