Tokens are automatically transferred at night to an unknown address

Tokens are automatically transferred at night to an unknown address. It’s already the second week when I load my wallet and after 1-2 days from loading it is automatically sent to an unknown address. All the coins went, last time SOL, before that other tokens. Can I get them back? Help me please. What’s with this address… I checked on Solscan and the address 59o2HpKaYUq5wZ6Ha1TA9mk6D385CBCdqrvqJ32WGX6h (the address to which my tokens were sent has everything I had at the time)… The block that included the automatic transfer has around 1000 dubious transfers. The address only has transfers from my address, but I didn’t make them … As instructions, write something about creating an associated account. WTF is that?

Hi @GoZzDu and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately it sounds like somebody got your seed phrase or private key. Some ways that could have happened:

  • You gave somebody your private key or seed phrase. People often pose a support officials to ask for these, but you should never give them away.
  • You used a scam wallet that looked legitimate. For instance there are Sollet and Solflare mobile apps that are made by scammers, when there is no such thing as a real Sollet mobile app. Another possibility is installing a scam browser extension wallet.
  • You have malware on your computer that stole your seed phrase from your clipboard or something like that.

Don’t transfer any more tokens to that wallet, as it’s been compromised and somebody else has just as much control over whatever is in that wallet as you do. You’ll need to generate a new wallet.

That’s 100% normal. Those instructions are needed every time anybody receives a new kind of Solana token in their wallet.

In the future I highly recommend using a Ledger hardware wallet. If you make sure that your seed phrase is only ever put on your ledger and some form of physical backup like an engraved piece of steel, nobody will ever be able to spend your money without you pushing those two buttons on your ledger device, even if Solflare was hacked or your computer had a bunch of malware on it.

Obviously that doesn’t help funds that have already been stolen, but if you continue to use crypto, hopefully that will help.

Sorry you lost your funds! :confused:

Let me know if you have any other question.