[Tour de SOL/Mainnet Beta] Registration 📰

Registration Process (Updated as of 10 August 2020)

For you to be eligible for token compensation full registration is required. That means completion of all the below steps.

If you’re an existing participant and are unsure whether you need to apply again, please refer to the bullet points providing additional context for clarification.

Note that U.S. entities and individuals are NOT eligible to participate.


1. Registration Form
Submit the form here.

  • We no longer require participants to link their Public Key with their Keybase account

2. KYC/AML (via Passbase)
Complete KYC/AML

  • If you’ve completed KYC/AML previously for either SLP or TdS with the same entity/individual on Coinlist, then you will not need to go through this again.
  • We do not accept U.S. entities or individuals

3. Sign this Participation Agreement

  • This document is also linked on the Solana Validator Registration page as step two.

4. Join Our Discord
Strongly recommended for all validators, as this is our primary communication channel

Setting up your Validator:


Hey @dominic, the links for the registration form and spreadsheet are missing.

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Hahah sorry, it’s still a work in progress. Just getting a few things ready behind the scenes. Stay tuned, I’ll update with links in the coming weeks.

Please do ! My GPUs are so cold :frowning:

I am waiting the form as well

Any news regarding the links?

Next week we’ll get registration started!

Ready for registration and warm up my GPUs :fire:

Thanks for the info. Should people in the same team send one representative to register?

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Thanks for the info. Should people in the same team send one representative to register?

Yes please!

Tour De Sol. What a lovely name. :star_struck:

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How can we get started for the upcoming Tour De Sol @dominic

Hey @pkrasam we’re still finalising the participation agreement and compensation structure. But should have it ready soon. The best thing to do for now is to complete the preliminary registration google form provided at the header of this thread, and join our Discord channel. We’re using Discord as the primary means of communication with all validators during Tour De SOL.

The guide to setting up a node is provided here: https://solana-labs.github.io/book/testnet-participation.html

If you have any issues as you’re going through that, feel free to let us know, we’re happy to help troubleshoot in our Validator Support channel within the discord channel. If you’ve got any information sensitive questions, feel free to email me at dominic@solana.com

Is it allowed for a participant to run multiple nodes?
If yes are both node performance rated and judged individually or separately?

@dominic how can I restore my account if i swich to another node, and I don’t want to lose my sol. https://solana-labs.github.io/book/testnet-participation.html, I can’t find any info at solana book.

Hey @jay, we’ve decided to allow participants to run multiple nodes, such that they can try multiple setups.

There’s two key things to note:

  1. You’ll need to let us know in advance if you’re planning to run more than one node.
  2. Of the X number of nodes that you run, you may only select the metrics for only one node to be submitted for assessment during Tour De SOL. The metrics for your other nodes (which weren’t selected) will not be eligible for any rewards.

Hi @vagrant, yes you can transfer SOL between two accounts using the solana-wallet command

Ok just to be clear is it possible that among the two nodes i intend to run, i wait to see best performance during TDS and then submit the node during or after TDS based on the best performing node? or selection of node has to be submitted before kickoff?

Is it possible to switch node setup? and is it allowed ? for example im using a cloud service which gives me one ip addresss but tha service which i used to setup my node is performing below expectation and i switch from it to another service with better setup which gives me a new ip address can i install my node on this new one? which means ip will change, is this possible and is this allowed?

Good question. It’ll be the former. So your best performing node at the end of Stage 1 (or any other following stage) will be selected. Technically you could also select your underperforming node as well hehe. But ultimately the choice is yours which one you’d prefer to submit once the stage ends.

Hope that clears it up.