[Tour de SOL] Poll for Preferred Timing of Dry Run #3 + 🕐

Hey All!

Wanted to start a poll for when we should host our next Dry Run, and possibly every Dry Run thereafter as well. All times are shown in PDT (UTC -7). I’ve just put it in 4 hours blocks to make it a little more manageable.

Our asian counterparts are definitely being a little neglected right now. Ideally if we can find a time that works for everyone that would be fantastic. Also I imagine this will become less of an issue as the dry runs/Stages start to run for longer durations, as validators in various time zones will be able to participate so long as their pubkey is included within the genesis block.

  • Between 12am and 4am PT
  • Between 4am and 8am PT
  • Between 8am and 12pm PT
  • Between 12pm and 4pm PT
  • Between 4pm and 8pm PT
  • Between 8pm and 12am PT

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