[Tour de SOL] Registration 📰

Tour de SOL Registration

Registration Instructions:

  1. Submit the form here.

  2. Once the form is submitted, our team will review the information and add you to our records.

  3. Complete KYC/AML (Ignore all the references to investment on the portal, we used Coinlist’s default template, apologies for the confusion) here.. Note that KYC/AML is mandatory before participating in any stage, and compensation is conditional upon you passing KYC/AML.

  4. Instructions for completing the participation agreement, and relevant tax documents will be emailed—to the email used on Coinlist, not on Google Forms—to be filled out and returned to us. You will receive an email from Docusign with the relevant tax document within two weeks from Coinlist verification.

  5. The status of your participation agreement will be tracked along with the other registration information. We’ll also endeavor to notify you upon completion or rejection of any submitted participation agreements.

Setting up your Keybase ID & Validator Public Key:

  1. Install the latest Solana release

  2. Please follow the documentation here to register your validator’s public key and to setup Keybase. For more instructions with Tour de SOL, please see the TDS knowledgebase here.

  3. For those who didn’t submit the registration form with a Keybase ID, we’ll be manually adding your to our GitHub repo (the IDs live here).


  • By completing this form, you are registering for all stages of Tour de SOL

Need to update/revise your details?

If any of the details are incorrect, and you need to have them updated, leave a message in the thread and I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

Useful Links:

[Link to Tour de SOL Registration Form]
[Link to Public Registration Spreadsheet]
[Link to Tour de SOL Documentation]

Tour de SOL Event Format:

Tour de SOL will be split up into 4 separate stages. That will run over the course of several months. A “role call” will be done prior to the start date of each stage to ensure all validators who want to participate are included in that stage’s genesis block. We’ll advise participants on how they can confirm their participation in the event as we get closer.

A quick summary of the relevant stages is as follows:

All Stages

  • Registration Period: June 28th 12:00am (PT) until the start of Stage 3 (~October/November)

Stage 0

  • Theme: Stability
  • Internal Dry Run: Ongoing
  • Validator Dry Run #1: July 24th 8:00am (PT)
  • Ongoing Dry Runs throughout August (Optional): 48 hours notice will be provided in Discord

Stage 1

  • Theme: Performance
  • Stage Duration: Date TBC, Duration: 5 days

Stage 2

  • Theme: Smart Contracts
  • Stage Duration: Date TBC

Stage 3

  • Theme: Fully-featured Testnet including Replicators
  • Stage Duration: Date TBC

Stage 0 - Deep Dive

After running our first external validator Dry Run, a few bugs were identified. Therefore we added Stage 0, and pushed everything from Stage 1 onwards out by a month. During this period we’ll be working through the issues identified and running ad-hoc Dry Run’s throughout the remainder of August. We will provide 48 hours notice before any Dry Runs in which Validators are interested in participating. Note: Participation in this stage is purely optional, but immensely appreciated.

For those interested in learning more about what happened during our first external dry run, you can read about it here.

Stage 1 - Deep Dive

This stage is all about maximizing network performance. As a community, it’ll be our opportunity to push past the performance barriers of Layer 1 blockchains, which we never thought were possible.

It will also be a showdown of technical prowess and creativity. We know a lot of you have been busy setting up your own builds, eager to put them into action. We’re also sure that there are others who are eager to test out some attacks during Tour de SOL, which we’re looking forward to.

Please note that during this stage slashing is NOT enabled. Validators will be verifying simple payment transactions throughout the network.

A deep dive on other stages to follow soon…


Preliminary Compensation Design for Stage 1

Details around the balance of the tour are currently being finalized. We expect to have details released in advance of the stage starting.


Hey @dominic, the links for the registration form and spreadsheet are missing.

Hahah sorry, it’s still a work in progress. Just getting a few things ready behind the scenes. Stay tuned, I’ll update with links in the coming weeks.

Please do ! My GPUs are so cold :frowning:

I am waiting the form as well

Any news regarding the links?

Next week we’ll get registration started!

Ready for registration and warm up my GPUs :fire:

Thanks for the info. Should people in the same team send one representative to register?

Thanks for the info. Should people in the same team send one representative to register?

Yes please!

Tour De Sol. What a lovely name. :star_struck:

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How can we get started for the upcoming Tour De Sol @dominic

Hey @pkrasam we’re still finalising the participation agreement and compensation structure. But should have it ready soon. The best thing to do for now is to complete the preliminary registration google form provided at the header of this thread, and join our Discord channel. We’re using Discord as the primary means of communication with all validators during Tour De SOL.

The guide to setting up a node is provided here: https://solana-labs.github.io/book/testnet-participation.html

If you have any issues as you’re going through that, feel free to let us know, we’re happy to help troubleshoot in our Validator Support channel within the discord channel. If you’ve got any information sensitive questions, feel free to email me at dominic@solana.com

Is it allowed for a participant to run multiple nodes?
If yes are both node performance rated and judged individually or separately?

@dominic how can I restore my account if i swich to another node, and I don’t want to lose my sol. https://solana-labs.github.io/book/testnet-participation.html, I can’t find any info at solana book.

Hey @jay, we’ve decided to allow participants to run multiple nodes, such that they can try multiple setups.

There’s two key things to note:

  1. You’ll need to let us know in advance if you’re planning to run more than one node.
  2. Of the X number of nodes that you run, you may only select the metrics for only one node to be submitted for assessment during Tour De SOL. The metrics for your other nodes (which weren’t selected) will not be eligible for any rewards.

Hi @vagrant, yes you can transfer SOL between two accounts using the solana-wallet command

Ok just to be clear is it possible that among the two nodes i intend to run, i wait to see best performance during TDS and then submit the node during or after TDS based on the best performing node? or selection of node has to be submitted before kickoff?

Is it possible to switch node setup? and is it allowed ? for example im using a cloud service which gives me one ip addresss but tha service which i used to setup my node is performing below expectation and i switch from it to another service with better setup which gives me a new ip address can i install my node on this new one? which means ip will change, is this possible and is this allowed?

Good question. It’ll be the former. So your best performing node at the end of Stage 1 (or any other following stage) will be selected. Technically you could also select your underperforming node as well hehe. But ultimately the choice is yours which one you’d prefer to submit once the stage ends.

Hope that clears it up.