[Tour de SOL] Registration 📰

Yes it is, thanks…

As multiple nodes would be allowed what if it is used for the purpose of routing fees to one node? is this to be allowed? because if i operate like 4 nodes where 3 nodes would be used to harvest and earn fees for the selected node is that not cheating?

If you can successfully outperform the network forwarding pipeline, you deserve the win :).

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Ok… maybe not in that light tho

@dominic HI how’s your day going? Will there be a pre-sale for Sol coins and if so what are the specifics as to how I can purchase them? Thanks for all that you do.

Hi Dominic, I believe your discord link on the Tour de Sol registration form is expired.

–update-- user error, I hadn’t logged into my discord account.

Hahah no stress @faraggi thanks for taking the time to update your response after you worked it out.