[Tour de SOL/SLP] Poll for Bringing Back the Public Registry for Tracking

Hey folks,

We used to have a Public Registry, that tracked public keys, Dry Run participation and KYC/AML. Which we ended up scrapping due to some phishing emails received by some of the participants on the document.

Taking the lessons learnt from that, and trying to provide a source of truth for Tour de SOL / SLP1 registration process. We’re thinking of maybe bringing back the document, but removing any form of names, and instead only relying on public keys as identifiers followed by adjacent columns tracking: Dry Run Participation, KYC/AML Status, W8/W9 form Status

Would love some thoughts on whether folks would feel comfortable with that or not? If it’s only a small minority of the community who would prefer not to, we can probably just leave them off the document.

  • Yes - Bring it back
  • No - It’s fine as it is

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Hi Dominic,
Thanks for raising this. We understand the need for Solana to track participation but do not want to be subject of phishing.
Of the 2 options: keep everything private or publish anonymised information, we cannot see the value of publishing and so would prefer everything private.
If we have missed anything we would of course reconsider.

The only identifier that would be public would basically be the public keys. So there won’t be any names, emails etc.

We already track this internally, but on a private spreadsheet. So the idea would basically be to publicise the status on that spreadsheet @mikeb.

That’s what I’m thinking. LMK if you think that works.

Hi Dominic,

I think that should work fine.

it.s ok like that. thanks

Got it. We’ll work on it. Might take a few days to clean it all up. But hopefully we can have something out before the end of next week.

Update: We’re targeting to have something by the end of the week hopefully. In the meantime, please just reach out to me directly via discord or email. We’re tracking all of this internally already anyway, so I can update you case-by-case for now.

Please do your due diligence, and read through the revamped Registration page here before reaching out. Just because we get a lot of requests, and I’ve done what I can to address those FAQ’s in that link. If you’re still unsure after reviewing, happy to chat and help.

Sorry for the delay folks. Here’s a copy of the document for everyone who’s interested in checking their Registration status.

Link to the revised Public Registry

It’s manually copied across from a private document that we use for tracking. So we’ll manually update it periodically and update the title to reflect the last date the document was updated.

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