[Tour de SOL] Stage 12 - Details

Hi community!

We are pleased to announce Stage 12 of Tour de SOL will begin on Wednesday, February 17 and will run until March 31, 2021.

Registration Timing

Registration for Stage 12 is now open here: https://solana.com/validator-registration

If you have previously signed up for this or an earlier stage, there is no need to re-register now.

Registration for the current stage of Tour de SOL will close at 00:00:00 UTC on Tuesday, February 16. If you miss the registration cutoff time, you will need to wait until registration opens for Stage 13 on March 24. In the meantime, feel free to learn about validating on Solana by checking out our docs and joining our Discord server.

Stage Start Process

On February 16 by 20:00 UTC:

  • Everyone who has completed the registration process on time, successfully passed KYC and signed the validator participation agreement will receive an email from the team letting them know they have been accepted into Stage 12. Only validators operating outside the US will be permitted to participate in TdS.

  • 500 testnet SOL will be delivered to the validator identity pubkeys provided. These are used to cover vote transaction fees paid by your validator node. (Note: These tokens are distributed on testnet and have no real value)

  • Validator pubkeys will be added to the testnet stake bot delegation list. Once your validator node is online and caught up to the cluster, the stake bot should provide a stake delegation to your validator when it runs once a day. (Note: Stake delegation is subject to activation timing constraints and will take some time to appear active accordingly)

  • Accepted registrants will have their pubkey and registration status added to the Public Validator Registry document.

On February 17 at 00:00 UTC:

  • Stage 12 starts!

  • If you haven’t already done so, please start your node as soon as possible once the stage begins. Detailed instructions on setting up the validator process can be found here: Starting a Validator | Solana Docs. Make sure you’re targeting the testnet cluster!

  • Make sure you have joined our Discord server, by going to https://solana.com/discord.

  • Assign yourself the Validator role by following the instructions in the #role-selection channel (click on the orange wizard emoji!)

  • Join the conversation in the “Testnet (Tour de SOL)” channel group. Keep an eye on #tds-announcements for any news about network events such as software upgrades.

Participation Requirements

  • Validators are expected to actively engage with the network and community throughout their participation.

  • Individual nodes must maintain 90% or greater uptime through the duration of the stage. A validator is considered “up” when it is actively voting on blocks produced by other nodes on the network. A validator is considered “down” or “delinquent” when it is not voting, or its latest root is more than 256 slots behind the supermajority of the cluster.

  • There may be announced and unannounced network events, such as upgrades, reboots or experimental attack vectors at any time. Validators must be responsive to such events and restore their node (or the entire network) to an operational state within 24 hours of network recovery from any downtime.

  • Monitoring tools with push notifications such as solana-watchtower (included with the Solana software installation) or any community-built or third party alerting solutions are essential.

Tour de SOL Participation Rewards

  • Successful participation in each stage of Tour de SOL is rewarded with the equivalent of US$500 worth of SOL, to be delivered in a 1-year locked stake account.

  • Please see this related forum post for full details of our recently-updated reward structure for Tour de SOL and our Security Bug Bounty Program.


  • Please check the #tds-registration channel on our Discord server for questions about onboarding to TdS.
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So people get 500 SOL for TDS reward till end of stage 11?

Correct. The previous compensation structure of 500 SOL per month is valid through the end of TdS 11.

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And when does tds 11 end?
I noticed tds 12 is 6 weeks.

Previous TdS rounds end when the next stage starts. So TdS 11 ends on Tuesday Feb 16.

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Hi Dan! Does it mean that TdS compensation rewards will be distributed monthly from now on at end of each stage? Until now they were sent quarterly.