[Tour de SOL] Wrapping up Stage 1

Wrapping Up Tour de SOL: Stage 1

Stage 1 of Tour de SOL has come to an end, and we want to thank everyone that has participated thus far. You’ve all been a critical driver for our progress and success. In this post we’ve collated all the issues identified during the event. Compensation amounts have been allocated in line with our original guideline here with some small adjustments which are detailed below.


1. Equal Distribution of Compensation for Non-Assigned Bugs Identified

As a small gesture of recognition, all validators that actively participated in Stage 1 will be compensated with additional tokens on top of the the base amount, that will be calculated determined by the # of bugs successfully identified during Stage 1. This will be calculated by:

Critical Bugs

  • ( total # critical bugs identified x Compensation amount for bug ) / total validators = additional compensation per Validator

Non-Critical Bugs

  • ( total non-critical bugs identified x compensation amount for bug ) / total validators = additional compensation per Validator

2. Compensation for Accidental Bug Identification

There was also one case, where a bug was accidentally identified by the team at Everstake, where the cluster halted due to a vote hash mismatch. We’ve decided that we’ll be allocating a reward to the Everstake team for identifying this albeit accidentally. This principle will be similarly applied to any other team that accidentally identifies a bug within Tour de SOL. This is not to discount the amount of effort required to deliberately identify exploits, but to encourage and incentivize validators for experimenting and exploring the code. Compensation for this category is set to 3,000 SOL per issue identified.

3. Additional Notes

In line with the original guidelines, the following still applies:

  • Delinquent and non-responsive Validators that did not meet participation requirements will not be included in the calculation or be compensated
  • Successful attacks executed by a specific party/parties will be provided to the respective parties directly, and are not part of the calculation

Summary of Bugs and Compensation

Critical Bugs Identified:

Certus One

Total for Certus One, Critical Bugs: 40,000 SOL

Chorus One

Total for Chorus One, Critical Bugs: 40,000 SOL

Bugs Identified:

Certus One

Total for Certus One, Bugs: 9,000 SOL


Total for Everstake, Bugs: 3,000 SOL


Total for Node-A-Team, Bugs: 3,000 SOL

(Bugs) Not Assigned:

Total for (Bugs) Not Assigned: 33,000 SOL

Thank You to all the Participants from TdS Stage 1

Gnossienli, Viktor0766, Smartya, Fly8761, Fitchsl, Eduardagut, Pos_Bakerz, Mabalaru, Alexticea, Ubikcosmos, Proofofjk, Nodeateam, Syncnode, Smith_it2000, Easy2stake, tlinton, hma_cope, melea, maxx420, adrian_i, qigrey, kytzu, mintonium, terencelam, syamkumar66, olya_, mattharrop, gunray, ionuts, certusone, bneiluj, chorusoneinc, 01node, zemlyanin, aurel, katernoir, chrisremus, sunxmldapp, vkomenda, sebytza05, alexdcrypto, stakewolf, hashquark, rosewu, huglester, chainlayer, heda, thomaswoo, alexandruast, steefan, adrianbrink, zen_master, onenode_inc, sunnya97, nazarvolianskyi, aaur, amran, apower, avaluo, bharvest, bitcat365, justinsolana, globe1158, stakedinc, brianlong, ponchik69, kellyolson, stakingfund, cyberili