Transaction Error while trying to mint NFT

Hi guys, I am new to Solana . I am trying to mint an NFT using the tutorial given in Solana cookbook as shown in this link NFTs | Solana Cookbook
i am getting the uri for the metadata in JSON from moralis but the JSON format is exactly the same as shown to be uploaded to arweave.
But I am getting the following error

Unhandled Runtime Error

Error: failed to send transaction: Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 2: custom program error: 0x26

Call Stack

node_modules@solana\web3.js\lib\index.browser.esm.js (7336:0)

async Connection.sendRawTransaction

node_modules@solana\web3.js\lib\index.browser.esm.js (7297:0)

Can someone please explain what am I doing wrong???
It will be very helpful.

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I searched "metaplex nft custom program error: 0x26" on Google and then discovered this Stack Overflow answer, which may be useful for you.

Quoting Pratik:

The Error describes itself that the person who is minting the NFT address should also be part of the creator’s array to solve this error you have to add the address of the account who is signing the transaction as a Creator in the Data Struct.

If you don’t wish to add the person signing’s address into the creator struct you can either set the share for that address as 0 or update the NFTs metadata after minting the NFT.

Hope that helps!

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