Transaction id created but not showing on solana explorer

I transfered solana from binance to solflare. The txid/txhash has been created and when i search for that transaction in solana explorer, it says not found. What to doo??? someone please help. The estimated time for transaction keeps on increasing and its already been 3 hours… some one please help …

Hi @Kamalavignesh and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Sorry you’re having trouble!

If the txid cannot be found on the Solana explorer then that means that the blockchain hasn’t gotten the transaction at all. So it hasn’t failed, and it hasn’t succeeded, as far as Solana is concerned it’s never even been sent.

Are you able to see the funds still in your Binance account? If you can still see the funds in Binance, then you should be safe to try and send it to your Solflare wallet again.