Transaction missing

I have send solana tokens to my wallet but tokens were sent from the wallet to the exchange wallet.
When i check it at solana explorer,
the transaction is listed as “completed”, but the funds did not arrive, almost a day has passed.

Tx id :
Wallet address : 5z9efdqq6YPqG1RqCYH4dgYaEjVS8RJ5ky9MP564XSwJ

Hi @Doni and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Do you happen to be sending your funds to Binance? I’ve seen numerous instances where users are unable to deposit SOL or other Solana-based tokens to their Binance wallet. Every user I’ve heard so far has been able to get the issue resolved by contacting Binance support, but it can take up to a week for Binance support to get back to you.

I would also recommend using another exchange, other than Binance, if that is possible for you, at least for Solana, because Binance seems to have such a low reliability.

If you aren’t using Binance, then you’ll have to contact whatever exchange you sent the tokens to. Solana transactions complete in under a second, and any issues are almost surely the fault of the exchange you sent it to.

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Did you send your tokens to an exchange wallet address?

If you did, you will need to contact support for that exchange.

That exchange controls that wallet, and is the only one who can get your balance refunded.

Teach me please
Im new on crypto

When I get the chance, I will look at your transaction.

I will see if I can figure out what went wrong.

Until then, can you tell me exactly what you did step by step?