Transaction Still Frozen After 48 hours at Bitrue Exchange

This is a warning about the exchange Bitrue. I was moving from this exchange to a better one and I was all in on the GMT token at the time so I tried to send all my GMT to this other exchange with the SOLANA Network. This was 48 hours ago and since then my tokens have still been frozen in the transaction on the Bitrue website and they are not unfreezing my crypto and replying to my emails.

I bought the GMT for $3.56 at the time and since then, GMT is now worth $3.19 and could crash at any second but I can’t do anything about it on my end. Because I am a crypto noob and go all-in with everything, I couldn’t even pay for my rent, bills and do grocery shopping for 2 days because of this too. So far I’ve had two sleepless nights and I have no idea what to do in this situation :frowning: I just thought I’d let you guys know so that you can learn from my mistakes and never use this Bitrue exchange and never go all-in on anything while having HODL bags and USD on the side and of course think about using a ledger as well.

Please someone delete this scammer who almost cost me everything.