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Hello friends,
I have wrapped SOL on my Coinbase Wallet and I am trying to send it to my Phantom Wallet.
When I am trying to send the wrapped Sol the number of characters for my phantom wallet keys is to high compared to what coin base can accept in order to send the money. Now my wrapped sol are stuck in Coinbase wallet and I don’t know what to do.
If anyone has a solution that would be great.

Hi @Drissou and welcome to the forum. :wave:

First off, don’t reply to any direct messages here on the forum. Unfortunately the forum is overrun with scammers. :confused:

Anyway, that issue sounds really strange! :thinking:

So you are able to see your wrapped SOL in your coinbase wallet? But it won’t let you send it to your Phantom address?

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Hello zicklag,
Thanks for the answer
That is exactly what is happening right now. I was thinking maybe the network is not compatible with phantom network