Turn-key Solana NFT minting website code for sale

I built a production-ready web app to sell / mint Solana NFTs. The project is over, and I’m interested to license / sell the source code.

  • The site is built on the Next.js Node / JavaScript framework.
  • 100% responsive. It’s blazing fast on phones or desktop browsers.
  • Can be built / deployed as a static site on free static hosts like Netlify or Vercel
  • Has built-in responsive image optimization
  • Connect to the site with Phantom (or any major Solana wallet)
  • Filterable image gallery
  • Supports minting individual 1-of-1 NFTs or multi-editions
  • Supports the option to pay with USD! (I can introduce you to the payment processor)
  • Has built-in analytics to track page views, clicks, etc.
  • Integrates with Metaplex’s candy machine to easily set metadata, host image files, etc.

Basically, if you want to mint / sell Solana NFTs as primary sales on your own site, this is ready to go. If you need adjustments or customization, I’m open to helping on a contractual basis.

If you’re interested, message me with any questions.