Unable to carry out transaction

I cannot carry out a transaction through the cli interface of my solana wallet, when I try to send solana to a different wallet i get this error Error: Account <my account> has insufficient funds for spend (0.05 SOL) + fee (0.000005 SOL) this is odd because my balance is at 0.0548 SOL, and it doesn’t work at any value, no matter how low

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Hey @eggn0g and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Just to double-check, what’s it show if you run solana balance?

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0.054824561 SOL

this is what i comes back as.

Hmm, you’re right that is weird.

Could you show the exact command you are running and what the output is?

If you want you can just replace the wallet addresses with [my_address] or [other_address].

solana transfer --from <my keypair> <the recievers pubkey> 0.05 --allow-unfunded-recipient --url https://api.devnet.solana.com --fee-payer <my keypair>

Hi I have a really urgent matter could you please get back to me asap

Hi @MrRidha ,

If you have a question, I’d be glad to do my best to answer it, if you want to open a new topic or direct message me if you need to.

I have used solana block chain on binance. I mistakenly sent Usdt to solana on binance to Coinbase wallet. Now I understand Cypto is stuck. What can I do ? Please help me I’m really stressed out

@MrRidha perform a double transaction for the tokens to be reversed!

I’m pretty sure that isn’t correct. Why would trying to do a double-transaction reverse the transaction?