Unverified listing / Minted NFT

Hi, what can I do or what I should to do if I minted two unverified listed Social Whales… Somekind scam… :grimacing:
Can I sell those somewhere? Thank you in advance for your help. Noob…

I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that you made some fake, clone NFTs and you are asking how you can sell them?

Since it’s a scam NFT you should leave them alone, don’t sell to other, you just change from a victim to a scammer if doing that

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I have no idea what happened in mint process. Everything looks right in discord and website. But after mintig I cant list them Magiceden cause these are unverified. Another Social Whale collections is online

Did you mint on the valid website? I mean the website they post in announcement when minting? If you did, please contact their team to handle your case, they may update hash list to ME so your will be verified