Update to Mainnet Beta compensation, changes starting Dec 1st 2020

Hi Solana Validators,

As mentioned in a recent Validator Roundtable, starting Dec 1st, 2020, the Solana Foundation will be reducing the direct token compensation for validators participating in Mainnet Beta. Kindly note that all rewards are subject to change at the Foundation’s sole discretion, however we will do our best to keep everyone updated and provide sufficient time for business decisions to be made by all validators.

This reduction is a reflection of our maturing network and a network quickly approaching full inflation on Mainnet Beta. To prepare for inflation, please review the final parameter proposals here and a dashboard to estimate staking yields here.

The changes to compensation are as follows:

Monthly compensation for Mainnet Beta:

  • Previously 2,000 SOL / month, locked 1-year
    • Now 1,000 SOL / month, locked 1-year
  • Effective as of December 1st, 2020

Note that, any Validator’s continued participation after December 1, 2020 represents that Validator’s acceptance of the new participation agreement terms. For convenience, the terms can be found here.

Additionally, note that this compensation agreement will end once full inflation is enabled on Mainnet Beta.

The compensation scheme for our incentivized testnet program, Tour de SOL, remains unchanged.

We want to give a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Solana networks since our humble beginnings back in August of 2019. Now a little over 12 months later, we’ve been able to successfully launch Mainnet Beta with a robust community of over 380 high-quality validators, and over 537 validators on Tour de SOL.


Thank you @eric for the updates …it has been quite a collaborative learning experience for all parties who were involved since the early days.

Look forward to the next chapter of mainnet and the growth of our ecosystem.

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