[URGENT] Dubai Hacker House Location Missing!

Hey guys, I don’t think this is the appropriate channel to ask this general question, but I need to know where the Solana Dubai Hacker House Location is as it is missing in the website :raised_hands: I’ve raised this in Discord and Email but the Solana team seems haven’t replied to me or make any changes yet. Would really love to attend the event
Screenshot from 2022-02-06 20-32-50


Hi @YosephKS and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’m not sure what that event is, so I can’t help, sorry.

It sounds a little suspicious, but I’m not sure where you got that event listing. Just be careful of scammers, just in case!

Same issue. Hey anyone listening. Need to make lodging arrangements.

Hey @zicklag thank you for the reply, it is an official event from Solana, it’s in their twitter https://twitter.com/solana/status/1483548629151494154. It is an offline global hacking event, one of it take place in Dubai :raised_hands:

In telegram, Chris (Solana admin) tell me that the location is still getting decided @Engineerhead, so we need to look for any ongoing updates :eyes:

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Bump! Any update? Only 7 days left I guess.