URGENT ! How to delete Giveaway from Solsea - SCAM?

I found among my items an item with the name SOLSEA NFT GIVEAWAY. I want to know how can I remove this item from my phantom wallet?

My Phantom Wallet is safe?!

Thanks for help!

Hi @CalNft and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Rest assured your Phantom wallet is safe, but Don’t Connect Your Wallet to Any Website Mentioned in the NFT.

See this thread for more info on how to handle scam NFTs in your wallet:

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Hi @zicklag,

thank you so much you saved me! :ok_hand:

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I received 3 nft giveaway solsea scam but don’t return back if i resend to wallet
help me
how secure my wallet?
there is a blacklist to set in my wallet? is phantom wallet

after 10 times
Now i’m resend back

but there is a method for block the adress

Hi @TheBlack and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Apparently the scammer has a script to automatically send the token back to you if you send it back to him. There is no way to blacklist, but you should be able to get around it by sending it to this wallet I made just to send scam tokens to: HxX9vH8NkkTsfQvFFfvFvBrMvNa7Tn7SWpaAezAfa87w

Let me know if that works.

HI thanks for reply after many times that i send back without success, after 5 time one go succes and the 3 nft send back, thank you i resend at the same wallet that send me
thanks al lot.

sorry for time but i dont see the email because is go to spam

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How do you send the fake NFT without clicking on it?

You should be able to click on the NFT in Phantom safely, just don’t connect your wallet to any new websites.

Hi @zicklag …what do you think about BeMarketbit Markeplace : https://bemarketbit.com?
I have received a fraction of BTC but when I want withdraw it, the system ask me to verify my external adress by depositing 0.015 BTC or 0.33 ETH?


That sounds really suspicious. Anything that says “verify account” is usually a scam.

I can’t be sure, though. I’ve never heard of bemarketbit.

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thank you very much!

The easiest way is to import your wallet to the Avana wallet. After that move to the NFT Gallery section and just select the NFT you want to burn, then from the dropdown, you can choose the burn option. The UI makes the whole process very easy and even user-friendly for non-technical peeps.