Usdt send to the solana by mistake(exchanges) really urgent issue

Hi guys i had made enormous mistake that occured between 2 exchanges …first of binance i had tether and sent it to the directly my other exchange’s solana adress but they cant deposit it to my usdt account because tether transactions donot support with solana .

Solana supporting only their solana transactions so my transaction not been approved , seems ok at the solana network but cant withdraw or seen at my other exchange because they dont support transactions with solana when u wanna deposit or withdraw usdt

The other exchange which dont allow transactions with solana for withdraw usdt just tell me this is false transaction at my solana network and told me had to wait at least 1 month or much more for their querry&reply …the other people whom faced with this problem exchange didnt help them and always ignored about the complains…

Long story short could my 2nd exchange deposit of my usdt back it my binance account with solana network ?( they dont support solana network with usdt …they only support with usdt erc20, trx, omni not solana)

this money is all of my life savings so whats your suggestions based on my writings ? Could u give me directions about ?

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