Use PDA account to pay for create_account?

Help… I am trying to do something like this:

Create pda account on chain

        // it is customary to iterate through accounts like so
        let account_info_iter = &mut accounts.iter();
        let owner = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;
        let pdaGLOBAL = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;
        let pdaUSER = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;
        let rent = next_account_info(account_info_iter)?;

        // check to make sure tx sender is signer
        if !owner.is_signer {
            return Err(ProgramError::MissingRequiredSignature);

        // calculate rent and create pda USER account
        let rentUSER = Rent::from_account_info(rent)?
        &[&[&seedUSER, &[bumpUSER]]]

The transaction signer is ‘owner’, but I want to use the pda account pdaGLOBAL to pay for the new account, not to be paid by ‘owner’ the issuer of transaction. I can’t get it to work, and it works fine replacing ‘pdaGLOBAL’ with ‘owner’. pdaGLOBAL has a balance of 100 SOL in this example.

Thoughts, ideas? Thanks