Using my token as governance

Hello. I would like to use my token as a governance of a collections changers. We make little graphics as Role Palying Little images. People in our club changes the images as NFT. At the moment I am at the stadium to have minted my own TOKEN. I have an account, I wrapped some sol in the account since the token doesn’t work without a wrapping. So I funded the account, the token can be send and can be received. But there are the sol balances in the wallets. I would like to have a system that hide solana, solana should be the engine that I know but the users don’t know. What is the docs about it?

Hello check your DM …

Silence … forum out of developers.

Hi @jeyjey,

Yeah, the forum needs more developers on it, unfortunately.

I’ve been away for a while and hadn’t been able to keep up with questions on the forum, but I’ll set a reminder and try to come back and answer this one if I get the chance.