Validator GetBlock data issue

I managed to run an RPC node without voting. Details on how to run a RPC node without voting is available at: This article takes you to easily build Solana authentication node.

Now, I am facing a different issue. The node that I have setup is currently running (verified using solana gossip command) and some 370 GB of ledger data has been downloaded so far. I am not able to get any block or transaction data using getBlock & getTransaction JSON RPC APIs (JSON RPC API | Solana Docs). The error I am getting is:

{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“error”:{“code”:-32011,“message”:“Transaction history is not available from this node”},“id”:1}

Although I can get AccountInfo, AccountBalance, BlockHeight, etc. Your help regarding this is deeply appreciated. Thanks.


I replied in the other thread:

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