Validator Information Thread

This post is the place for Solana Validators to provide information on their validation services.

Anyone can see official stats and results of Solana validator participation and performance to date here

Refresher on Solana networks mentioned in the link above:


  • Tour de SOL is our incentivized testnet.
  • Running since July 2019, we’ve had 4 ‘stages’ and ~100 validators participation
  • As described in the linked results above, reward have been delivered to validators in the following categories:
    • Participation
    • Attacks & Bugs
    • Smart Contract challenge (Stage 4)


  • “Soft Launch” networks - a series of testnets that lead to the launch of Mainnet Beta

Mainnet Beta:

  • Solana’s production network (aka mainnet)
  • Running since March 19th 2020 with upwards of 80 validator participants

Note regarding delegations: Centralizing all delegations to a small group of validators tends to have negative consequences for the network. Spreading stakes across multiple (e.g. 5-10) validators would likely help the ecosystem grow in safety and benefit all stakeholders.

To Solana Validators:

This thread is your opportunity to present any information about your validation service that a potential investor might find useful when shopping for staking services. Please keep it to one post per validator. Some info that we think may be helpful:

  • Uptime and performance stats from TdS & Mainnet Beta
  • Duration of involvement with Solana
  • Links to contributions (features, github issues, bugs uncovered, blog posts) to the Solana ecosystem
  • Experience outside of Solana

FYI all, this thread is now unlocked. Any Validators that are interested in posting relevant information about themselves or their validators for potential delegators to review can do so now.

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Gunray validators are spreading throughout the cryptosphere, making strong contributions to the holy grail of decentralization. Non-backed, bootstrapped with high enthusiasm. Spread your stakes!

Supporting Solana since 2019 dry runs, throughout Tour de SOL testnets and SLP networks that graduated into current Mainnet Beta. We’ve seen them all.

Current non-Solana highlights for gunray validators include Celo mainnet delegation grant, Cosmos Game of Zones liveness winners, Nyzo mainnet verifiers. Completed NUCypher and soon-about CODA protocol competitions for a mainnet grant. The list of ongoing testnets in which we’re expecting the same result is a long one, with some of the projects being NEAR Protocol, Oasis Labs, KEEP, Akash, Pocket Network, Band Protocol, xx network, AVA.

For any questions reach out at discord gunray#6321 or telegram @gunrayd.

Spread the stake!

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An independent and experienced UK based operation, utilizing our own custom built hardware in top-tier datacentres, with systems specifically optimized for Solana. In our view, it is critical that networks are serviced by infrastructure independent of the main large cloud providers, as this runs counter to the very essence of decentralization that blockchains rely on.

Our service for Solana is engineered to be:

Robust - through careful system design with multiple layers of redundancy
Vigilant - through comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and close engagement with blockchain and software security ecosystems
Performant - through development and testing processes that ensure our systems are optimized for the networks they serve (critical for next-generation high-performance chains like Solana)

We have worked with Solana since 2019, participating in the Dry Run, Tour de Sol, Soft Launch Phase and Mainnet Beta networks. Our infrastructure is monitored with a high-availability Prometheus system that routes through to our on-call sysadmins via multiple redundant routes. As such we have been able to provide excellent uptime and prompt responses to software and network upgrades during these testing phases.

Shortly we will be extending our Solana infrastructure to a second high availability datacentre to provide further redundancy. Our Solana service will be backed by an up-time guarantee, specific details of this will be released in due course.

We are also a socially responsible organization, donating 10% of our Solana validator profits to medical research charities.

Our website is currently being revamped. In the meantime, should you wish to contact us, we can be reached either via this forum or Discord. Discord IDs for two of our public-facing team members are:

You can delegate your SOL to our validator by using the following vote key: LunaFpQkZsZVJL2P2BUqNDJqyVYqrw9buQnjQtMLXdK


Certus One is one of the top Solana community contributors. We are leading the Tour de Sol competition by a wide margin, having identified a total of 19 vulnerabilities, 14 of them critical.

We believe that Solana is one of the very few novel blockchains worth paying attention to, and we have been investing a lot of time and effort over the past year to help make it a success.

Like with all chains we support, our Solana validator on mainnet-beta is operated according to our internal policies for production networks, which go beyond industry best practice and include strict change management, robust monitoring and custom engineering. We’ve been one of the earliest PoS validation companies and have been instrumental in establishing standards for validators.

We believe that PoS networks can only become truly decentralized by democratizing knowledge of how to run them in a secure and robust fashion. As such, we open source most of our internal tooling and wrote a Knowledge Base for validator operations.

For Solana, we have recently open sourced parts of our monitoring stack.

Other projects we’re working on include our novel key management solution SignOS, and a purpose-built server operating system that will make it much easier to operate bare-metal validator infrastructure. We expect to release all of them as open source software that anyone can use.

Our staking revenue is fully reinvested in projects that further the state of art in the ecosystem. Our founders are the lowest-paid employees. Certus One is an independent company with no outside investors and four employees. Our engineering team and data centers are based in Germany.


Reserve for Vnode…

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Canary Wharf, London. Bare metal in a local DC. Been here from the start; Dry Run, Tour de Sol, Soft Launch Phase and Mainnet Beta. Will add more on website in due course, planning for second failover server at appropriate time. Also develop solidity & nodejs for Ethereum. Support from the highest levels of government.



Ubik Capital has worldwide presence in North America and Europe and will provide around-the-clock coverage for our servers and the Solana community. Our team’s experience and expertise with setting up and managing multiple blockchain nodes, hands-on military-grade cybersecurity, software development, and AWS training, and technical program management uniquely qualify us for success in the validator role.
Ubik Capital has worked with Solana since 2019, participating in the Dry Run, Tour de Sol, Soft Launch Phase, and Mainnet Beta networks.



Marius Andrei
Location: Europe
Marius Andrei is an experienced and forward-thinking engineer and blockchain node administrator. He founded Ubik Capital to provide a platform for staking as a service and engagement with growing blockchain communities. He was trained in CISCO network administration and operates multiple blockchain nodes, with expertise in network administration and security. When Marius is not running the nodes, he enjoys reading science fiction novels (hence the name Ubik) and gaming.

Russell Shirey
Location: North America
Russell is an innovative and ambitious computer systems expert. He has 12 years of technical and program management experience in automotive, aerospace, and defense industries, most recently managing a 26-person team and sensor research portfolio valued at over $25M. He has been a part of multiple successful startups and most recently is the lead software engineer for an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) startup, Aero Systems West. Russell is experienced with full stack development, information security, and cloud computing sys ops (AWS Certified). He holds a M.S. in Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering at Purdue University. In his spare time, Russell enjoys sports, movies, and gaming.

Corey Costa
Location: North America
Corey has graduated school of History/Adolescent Education and was one of two students who graduated with “Summa Cum Laude” achieving a perfect 4.0 GPA five semesters in a row and have been inducted into over five different honor societies. He is the founder of “The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Club” at his university and also he has his own cryptocurrency course on the online educational platform known as Udemy. Also, Corey is hosting different video interviews for different blockchain projects.

We’d love to delegate to us at 9sWYTuuR4s12Q4SuSfo5CfWaFggQwA6Z8pf8dWowN5rk
Be a part of our community! If you need any help contact us by e-mail or on Telegram @andreinelu

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Staked is the leading staking partner for institutional crypto investors, custodians and exchanges. Staked supports 20+ proof-of-stake blockchains and has never had extended downtime or a slashing event in two and a half years of operation.

Staked has been active on Solana’s testnets since inception and we have built extensive tooling that allows us to monitor and react to issues quickly. We staff dev-ops resources 24/7 to handle anything that doesn’t get automatically resolved. Staked’s infrastructure is distributed across multiple cloud providers, allowing us to offer high availability even in the face of major network or data center outages.

Fund admins and accountants love us! We offer reporting dashboards and APIs that provide detailed rewards reporting across all the chains we support.

Staked is backed by leading crypto investors, allowing us to invest in the most reliable and secure infrastructure for proof-of-stake chains. Choose Staked as your partner to earn Solana staking rewards and secure the network.


Izo Data Network

Izo Data Network is one of the independent telecommunications companies in Bucharest, Romania with an experience of over 15 years of activity. Since 2005 Izo Data Network provides customized solutions and services, both for business and residential segment: internet access, telephony, Data Center, data transport, IT services.

From 2017 we started to invest time and resources in the blockchain environment. We started with Proof of Work and in 2, 3 years we managed to have 40 rigs (240GPU). Since 2019, we started to support Proof of Stake projects. We are glad that among these projects we are validating also for SOLANA.

We have worked with SOLANA since 2019, participating in Tour de Sol, Soft Launch Phase and Mainnet Beta networks. Our infrastructure is well monitored with a high-availability. We have been able to provide excellent uptime and prompt responses to software and network upgrades during these testing phases.

If we could describe the business relationship we have with our clients in one word, it would be TRUST. We gained their trust by being there for them every step of the way (24/7), proactively helping them to grow, and by providing the support they need. We do not look for a ‘quick win’ and we know that choosing a staking partner is a big decision, so take your time. Get to know us better and feel free to contact us when YOU are ready.

  • Always Distributed
  • Always Devoted
  • Always Secure

Staker Space started of as a hobby project and currently we are validating in the top PoS networks. I’m based in the Netherlands and even though validating is not my main job during day-time, it tends to be and I’m very devoted to it. The goal is to do one thing right, which is providing up-time with the right machines, so we can secure the the network and be of service to the delegations made to our validator.

The reason the hobby expanded from experimenting to being a devoted node-operator, is because the belief the these truth machines can be future infrastructure that we rely on for our data. We don’t have a big-team, not contributing to much of the code of the projects or building tooling, but playing my part in being the infrastructure provider to secure the network.

We have been a part of the Solana Community since 2019 and really happy to be here and looking forward to the road ahead!

More info you can find on


Figment Networks: Blockchain Simplified

Based in Canada, serving customers worldwide, Figment Networks is the country’s largest blockchain infrastructure and services provider. Our mission is to support the adoption, growth and long term success of the Web 3 ecosystem. This is Figment’s unique approach to blockchain: we make it easy to build, and participate in the next generation of decentralized technology. We provide enterprise grade node and staking infrastructure, the Hubble Web 3 explorer, and DataHub developer tools while also actively participating in community & governance for our clients.

Figment’s physical IDC, technical operations, development and management team are based in Toronto, Canada.

Figment Networks has been an active participant in the Solana community since 2019.

Check out our Solana landing page for more information.


Hi, everyone! My name’s Adrian. I’m Co-founder & CEO of Moonlet. Please find below more details about who we are and what we do. - A Portal To The Decentralised World

Moonlet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to delegate easily and secure all your different crypto assets. It’s a cross-platform wallet, therefore it works on all iPhone and Android devices, as well on Chrome as a browser extension.

Our main goal is to offer anyone who holds SOL the possibility to delegate to any Validator using Moonlet. As well to build the right tools for Validators in order to use Moonlet to collect delegations. Hopefully, our initiative will add value for the whole Solana community, both Validators and SOL holders.

We are an agile team based in Europe and we operate nodes for next-generation blockchain networks, being committed to support the decentralisation movement forward. Our nodes are located in top tier data centers distributed worldwide, using enterprise infrastructure with high availability.

:small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond:

Moonlet Key Features:

:white_check_mark: Delegate now. Our non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet allows you to delegate easily and secure all your different crypto assets. See below UI/UX proposal for Solana.

:white_check_mark: Handshake Login. It just got easier to sync the mobile app accounts, wallets, history and settings with Moonlet browser extension.

:white_check_mark: Ledger Support. Ledger Nano S and Nano X integration adds one more layer of security. Using Moonlet and Ledger is the best level of protection developed so far.

:white_check_mark: Notifications center. Moonlet notifications feature is a powerful tool to inform users with regards to rewards, outbound and inbound transactions.

:white_check_mark: ERC-20, ZRC-2 Ready. Moonlet is ready for Ethereum ERC-20 and Zilliqa ZRC-2 tokens. Looking forward to supporting Solana tokens as well.

:white_check_mark: Multi-account, Multi-wallet UX. You can easily switch between 5 accounts at any point, as well between any wallet you are going to create.

:white_check_mark: Native and Web Deep Links. Validators will be able to place deep links on their webpages or social media announcements to trigger their delegation page within Moonlet.

:small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond:

Feel free to check our GitHub repos here: or to send me a DM on Solana’s Discord server.


Adrian Irimia
Co-founder & CEO


Chorus One is a fully remote, globally distributed company that is providing staking services and building cross-chain interoperability protocols. We were among the first teams to focused on the opportunity of operating infrastructure for decentralized networks, ultimately seeking to help token holders to earn rewards and shape the network they are invested in.

We believe that the validator role goes beyond purely continuously and securely operating infrastructure. We started out as one of the genesis validators on Cosmos in 2018 and have since been actively helping projects launch their networks. We participate in testnets, try to break software releases, and provide input on protocol designs and governance discussions. We also build tools to help stakers, and publish research and other content around networks we are working with. We see ourselves as part of the network’s ecosystem and aim to contribute in any way that helps the success of the hand-picked protocols we support.

Some more details about us and our involvement on Solana: We are a known, long-term node operator in decentralized networks:
We are currently live on Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Celo, Chainlink, Terra, and other high-profile protocols. We have been providing >99% uptime on all networks we are operating on and our delegators have entrusted us with assets valued at over $20m at the time of writing. We charge competitive fees, details for Solana will be available at launch.

Our Contributions to Solana:
We have participated in early Solana testnets and the Tour de Sol competition, where we found multiple critical vulnerabilities (e.g. this heist of 500m testnet SOL). In addition, we have built deep expertise in Solana’s codebase by developing am open-source high-availability validation protocol StrongGate.

Infrastructure and Jurisdiction:
We are a Swiss AG and our infrastructure is hosted across multiple jurisdictions for redundancy (bare metal in UK&US, cloud across the globe). Our terms of service can be found here. Full details on our infrastructure can be found here.

Content and Tooling:
We are a well-known brand in the ecosystem with a long history of creating public content (e.g. on our blog or podcast. We are also building tools to help stakers. Anthem, our staking platform focused on providing accurate historical reward data, is live for Cosmos, with Oasis, Celo, and Terra to be added soon. More recently, we have begun building out interoperability protocols to help connect blockchain ecosystems we are a part of.

You can reach us 24/7 through our website via Intercom, email or on Telegram.

A bunch of SecDevOps engineers providing staking services with minimal footprint and attack surface. Minimalism, Immutable Infrastructure and Infrastructure as Code is in our DNA.
“Eagles soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.” ~ Steven Wright


Hi Everyone,

We are ChainLayer, a staking service provider from the Netherlands. The co-founders of ChainLayer have a 15+ years of experience in Telco and Financial industries and have been active in crypto since 2012.

Our validators run in our own racks on our colocation facilities. For Solana we are using state-of-the-art Supermicro servers with 6 2080Ti’s and Intel Gold CPUs on a 20Gbit uplink.

We have one of the lowest skipped blocks percentages on mainnet beta and we take our stake and yours seriously! Our operations team is available 24x7 to ensure minimal downtime and maximum results!

We’d love it if you to delegate your Sol’s at 8jxSHbS4qAnh5yueFp4D9ABXubKqMwXqF3HtdzQGuphp. Our identity is 4YGgmwyqztpJeAi3pzHQ4Gf9cWrMHCjZaWeWoCK6zz6X.

Feel free to reach out!

Twitter: @chainlayerio
Telegram: chainlayer

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SyncNode started as a software development company with more than a decade of software development and two years of validator experience. SyncNode already provides highly trusted staking services for a number of blockchain projects, having committed fully to the blockchain space in 2017.

We provide highly available and secure infrastructure for staking digital assets on our validating and working nodes. We always ensure top security standards by mixing our own servers with bare metal and virtual servers from reliable public cloud providers across different regions and by periodically running external security audits.

We joined Solana from early stages of test nets in 2019 and we actively participated on all stages: initial Dry Runs, SLP, Tour de Sol and MainNet Beta networks.

Also, SyncNode is one of the few validators in the space that has a partnership with one of the top cybersecurity companies (details can be seen here: Downtime is not an option for us and we ensure a near-perfect uptime score on all the chains where we run validators and nodes, by putting together a professional monitoring and alerting system and 24x7 on-call engineer support. We are prepared for worst-case scenarios with a hot standby infrastructure, disaster recovery procedure, and corporate security guidelines that can be shared from case to case after an NDA is signed (for security purposes we can’t make all the data public).

You can stay updated by joining our telegram and following us on twitter as well on the following channels:

Wallet Web Site:


Easy 2 Stake is a trusted proof of stake provider for top cryptocurrency projects on the market.
We provide highly available and secure infrastructure for staked assets on our validating and working nodes. We ensure the highest security standards by mixing bare metal and virtual servers from reliable public cloud providers across different regions.

We aim towards zero downtime by putting together a professional monitoring system and 24x7 on-call engineer support. We are prepared for all worst case scenarios with a hot standby site and disaster recovery procedure.

We have been testing Solana since 2019 and have been actively involved in all testing phases and main net beta launch.
We have a highly positive track record with servers up-time and performance. Currently on main net beta skipped slots are at the lowest levels!

Easy 2 Stake has committed its involvement in Solana by being active and responsive to the project agile way of working.

We are running dedicated bare metals machines for Tour de Sol and Main-net beta with redundant hardware.



Hi, I am Brian Long, and you may see me listed in the Solana ecosystem as “BL” or by my company name “FMAdata.” My first experience with a blockchain was mining Bitcoin on CPUs in 2010. Since then, I have been looking for a faster blockchain, and I am very excited about Solana. The Solana engineering team is solving the performance problem!

I first became involved with Solana in 2019 and have participated in TdS, SLP, and Mainnet-Beta. I am also running a web app to help other validators see time-series data about their nodes. You can see our work-in-progress at

We host our nodes with Digital Ocean for the flexibility and scalability that their platform offers. We’ll move to bare metal + GPU when required by network traffic. I am in beautiful Boulder, CO, with engineering support in Calcutta, India, for 24-hour support coverage.

You can find me on:
LinkedIn: brianklong
Twitter: brianlong
GitHub: brianlong
Discord (Solana Channels): brianlong#1909
Keybase: brianlong