Validator Information Thread

Validator name: LowFeeValidation
Vote key: edu1fZt5i82cFm6ujUoyXLMdujWxZyWYC8fkydWHRNT

Higher performance at Low Cost.

Decentralised team and competitive servers in Germany and US.

Chat with us on Discord

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reserved huglester. to be done

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Cryptium Labs

Security-oriented Validator from the :switzerland::mountain_snow:

Cryptium Labs is a security-oriented validator operated by protocol researchers and engineers based in Zug, Switzerland. The company was funded in summer 2018 and has since secured Tezos (since July 2018) currently operating the largest public baker, IRISnet and the Cosmos Network since March 2019, and the Kusama Network (since August 2019) among other mainnets. On testnets, Cryptium Labs does not only relentlessly secure them, but also continuously tests and provides developer feedback throughout the developer releases. Cryptium Labs been involved with Solana since Tour de Sol dry runs (2019) and has participated actively in all of Solana’s TdS, SLP, mainnet beta on performant hardware. Additionally, the team has provided prompt responses and software upgrades when necessary.

  • About our security architecture:
  • Our Solana network page:
  • Read more on Solana’s Validator Feature Series’ Cryptium Labs’ section

Beyond Validation
Unlike a PoW-dominated landscape, with the emergence of PoS networks such as Solana, stakeholder decisions can directly impact on properties such as decentralization or infrastructure security. Thus, in order to guarantee the long-term success of a network, our team has deemed essential to not only evolve protocols technically and provide infrastructure, but also their communities and ecosystems. In alignment with vision, we have contributed since summer 2018 in the following areas:

  • Open-source research & development: The validator is operated by protocol researchers and engineers, who have and continuously contributes to open-source R&D. Examples of the latter are Tezos core protocol development; Tezos baker payout tooling bäckerei, the Ledger + KMS integration for Cosmos, and research into zero-knowledge cryptography ( & secure smart contract development tools, such as Juvix, a smart contract language correct by construction.
  • Community development: making educational content (written and audiovisual) about the protocols, crypto economics, security, how-to delegate guides, and stay up-to-date on on-chain governance) on the protocols, cryptoeconomics, security, how-to interact guides accessible for a background-agnostic audience– with the goal of informing all the stakeholders in a network so they can make informed decisions after acquiring a better understanding of security and economic implications. Our published work has been used as a reference by many established entities in the industry from validators and exchanges to HSM providers.
  • Governance: On networks that deploy a mechanism through which the protocol evolves itself or adopts changes, Cryptium Labs has participated as an active governance steward on behalf of their delegators. Our contributions as active governance stewards go beyond casting votes, by publishing our governance policies for larger transparency or by open-sourcing analysis of the expected economic and technical impacts of both on-chain or off-chain proposals. See for example our Tezos and Cosmos governance participation on
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Hello Solmates, I am Terence, Co-founder of Forbole.

Forbole [ˈfɔːbəl] was founded in 2017. We are a pioneer in blockchain staking, development & UX solution, and community building. We are a well-known validator and contributor with proven track record in various blockchain ecosystems. We are an active member in Solana community since Jun 2019.

Forbole is currently a team of 12 core member. We are incorporated in Hong Kong with teammates working across three time zones (Asia, Europe and North America). We are a rare established validator who comes from Chinese-speaking region. We serve as the bridge between the investors/communities in the region and novel blockchain projects such as Solana.

We are known as a hardworking, knowledgeable and friendly contributor in this space. Being a founding team of another blockchain project specific for social network, we are able to think from one more perspective as a blockchain project owner.

As a non-VC backed validator, SOL is the largest holding in our portfolio which means we have strong skin-in-the-game both as a company and as individuals. We will self-delegate a good amount of our stake and delegate a fair amount to smaller Solana validators to help growing the community. Our upcoming plan for Solana community also includes:

  • Customizing Big Dipper for Solana. Big Dipper is an award-winning open-source block explorer well received by the market. The work can provide SOL stakeholders with a market-proven UX and enhance the communication across different blockchain communities.
  • Creating more Chinese contents uniquely written by us. This can help the marketing of Solana in Chinese region. (Reference: Forbole 參與 Solana 的原因 (Why Forbole joined Solana))

You can find out more about us in below channels:


Staking Fund has been actively engaging in the validating role for numerous novel Proof-of-Stake protocols since early 2018 and proving our commitment to secure decentralized blockchain networks with high availability and zero slashing.

We’ve been validating on Solana since TdS Stage 1 and had the opportunity to participate from Soft-Launch Phase(SLP) to Mainnet Beta.

Delegate to us on Mainnet


Check out our website for more information.

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Coverlet. Staking? Got you covered!

We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts consisting of developers and devops specialists. Running both bare metal and virtual servers from different cloud providers, we work hard on our monitoring tools in order to provide secure validation with maximum uptime and 24/7 support.

We are involved in various POS projects and work on building apps for the ecosystem.

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stakefish - The leading staking service provider for blockchain projects

We believe in a future with multiple public blockchains supporting multiple widely adopted applications and currencies. Our primary mission is to provide the infrastructure backbone for these projects.

With over a year in operation, we have been running validator nodes on the Cosmos Hub (and won the Game of Stakes), Tezos, Chainlink, Algorand, The OAN (Aion), Kusama, Storj, IRIS Network, Kava, Cardano, Edgeware, Celo and Band Protocol. We also have nodes on various testnets: Solana, Matic, Harmony, Persistence, NEAR Protocol, NuCypher, Oasis Labs, Centrifuge Chain and Elrond.

stakefish is a validator founded by Wang Chun, co-founder of f2pool, the largest Bitcoin mining pool and one of the largest pools for Ethereum and many other networks.

Solana has been on our radar since its inception. We have been involved in many of the Tour de Sol dry runs (DR5, and top 3 in the DR6 with 98.1% efficiency) and have participated in all of TdS (TdS1, TdS2) and SLP (SLP1, SLP2).

Addresses used on them:

  • TdS: fish2tcDFRiAM1cNKqF7b96WzQmmDRjsf5XD214MhpV

  • SLP: 3Z5XVczCTXeYeFABoeFm1LngC9657kZMVGNFzqFXviHb

And current one on Mainnet:


Delegate to us, stake with us. We know staking.

Follow our latest announcements on Twitter @stakedotfish.

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reserved spot for future infomation

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We, at Chainode Tech, are a young but highly motivated and experienced team based in Zug, Switzerland. Our focus lies in providing high quality staking and validator services on cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols in order to bring decentralization into the real world.

In terms of validator experience, we started to validate since 2018 on Lisk testnet and we are currently validating on several projects like Solana, Harmony Protocol, ICON Network, Lisk, Kava and other Tendermint based blockchains. Our strategy is to prioritize quality over quantity and therefore offer our staking services on less protocols but do it in a very professional manner by dedicating more of our time to those projects.

We are very rigorous in selecting the projects that we decide to join as a validator and we had our eyes on the Solana project since we first heard about it back in 2018, when we were not active as a validator group yet. As we appreciate the innovative and challenging tech, the team’s skillfulness, integrity and architectural choices, we saw Solana as one of the few projects that were actually bringing novel tech approaches and viable solutions to the decentralized space.

We joined Solana in the summer of 2019 and we participated in the network starting with the first dry run and have been active ever since in SLP, Tour de Sol and Mainnet Beta. Our team is well known to also get involved in growing the projects that we join as a validator by increasing the brand awareness, building tools for developers/ stakers or contribute to the educational content surrounding the tech, and we are looking forward to a long-term journey alongside the Solana team and fellow Validators.

How to Delegate?

Our Validator now accepts SOL delegations. The identity of Chainode Tech on mainnet is 3RXKQBRv7xKTQeNdLSPhCiD4QcUfxEQ12rtgUkMf5LnS and you can delegate to our team by using the following vote account: BxFf75Vtzro2Hy3coFHKxFMZo5au8W7J8BmLC3gCMotU

We value a close communication with our stakeholders and delegators, reason why we would like to invite anyone interested in discussing more about Solana and/or our team to our Telegram channel:

Additionally, you can find out more about our team and experience using the following sources:

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Please consider delegating SOL to Dokia Capital

Fancy words and bragging:

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Professional validator in POS networks. Never down and always secure so you don’t have to worry about penalties when you’re staking with us!

Joined Solana from early stages in 2019.
You can delegate to us on 9v5gci7uDiaGKRmQ2dn6WJMB94YqFaVFBTiFzBzNhyaw vote account. Our identity is 4h5muqwz35tyPQdAXkZMyVM5cnGN5oXouTZL2AFA1Fjh

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reserved spot for future infomation

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Come and stake with @alexDcrypto

I am an enthusiast self-taught Blockchain Developer, with a 5+ years expertise in mobile and web apps architecture.

Eager to adopt and develop innovative IT technologies, I love to take on challenges and to contribute to blockchain development and adoption, in order to create a decentralized digital world, with the right solutions for every business.

I look forward to meet great people, with a similar interests and willing to bring their contribution to blockchain community.

Fields of expertise: software and blockchain development, Intrexx certificate developer, front & back end development, team player and solution oriented.

#software dev :nerd_face: #blockchain :man_cartwheeling: #android dev :weight_lifting_man:‍♂ @kava_labs validator & @solana & Regen & AVA & etc… #eth #btc #atom #bnb & @fail_token :nerd_face:


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Chainflow has supported Solana since the early summer of 2019 as an advisor and validator. We’re a smaller, yet very capable, bootstrapped, independent validator operator.

Chris Remus founded Chainflow. He has 20+ years of experience working with mission critical telecom and IT infrastructure.

Working with Chris has been a pleasure and he has delivered consistent value to our project from the start. We were looking for a partner who could help us develop our network validator tools, while also providing insight and feedback from a validator’s perspective. Chris has reliably been this voice and has helped us on projects as far ranging as validator dashboards to efficient communication strategies.

Chainflow has also been one of the most active validators on our protocol to date and Chris goes out of his way to lend his experience and expertise to help other validators in the community.

In addition to his deep technical chops, Chris’ insights and feedback throughout the partnership have been clear, well-thought out and patiently communicated. In a fast paced, ever changing startup environment, Chris’ ability to roll with the punches and effectively deliver on technical, operational and strategic levels has been invaluable.

Eric Williams, Chief Scientist, Solana

Chainflow’s been involved in staking since 2016. We were one of the first members to join the Cosmos Validator Working Group in 2017.

Since then we’ve been active in many staking networks such as Cosmos, Livepeer, Aion, Matic, SKALE, NuCypher, Flow by Dapper Labs, and many others. Chris has also advised many of these networks on topics like validator program development, stake decentralization and incentivized testnet design.

You can read the kind things that these networks have said about working with Chris here.

Chainflow validators are fair and equitable validators for everyone. Everyone is welcome and treated equally, no matter how small or large their delegation is.

Chainflow also advocates for smaller validator operators via the Staking Defense forum, Telegram group and podcast. Smaller validator operators are essential to keeping stake decentralized.

We hope our efforts to give smaller validators a bigger voice and help smaller validator operators not only survive but thrive. Staking to Chainflow supports these efforts.

We sincerely appreciate each and every delegation entrusted to us. Please contact Chris directly with any questions you may have about delegating to us.

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P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider with the best industry practices and proven expertise. We provide comprehensive due-diligence of digital assets and offer only top-notch staking opportunities securing more than 100 million of USD value. At the time of publishing, P2P Validator is trusted by over 1600 delegators across 15+ networks.

300x120_white (1)

For us Solana seed investors it is very important to define the best means of network management and development. Out technical team has been involved in all of the Tour de Sol dry runs with the highest efficiency and has participated in all of TdS and SLP. We are a major player in all networks we support because of our experience, commitments and our reputation. We pay special attention to the process of governance. Our aim is to provide a secure and reliable service at the lowest cost maximizing rewards for our delegators.

Why stake SOL with P2P.ORG?
:white_check_mark: Own skin in the game
:white_check_mark: Solana seed investors and contributors
:white_check_mark: Dedicated and experienced devops team
:white_check_mark: Strong developer team (one of Game of Zones winners)
:white_check_mark: Fair validator fee
:white_check_mark: Unique multicoin Dashboard
:white_check_mark: Secure Ledger delegation (coming soon)

Let’s stake together!

Everstake is a validator in multiple large PoS-based networks. It is quite successful due to the team, consisting of experienced blockchain experts, In this article, we will explain why you should choose The Everstake staking provider for delegating Solana (SOL) tokens.

Why it’s important to vote for Everstake

Everstake is a reliable validator that has been successfully developing secure solutions for Solana token holders and many other cryptocurrencies based on the PoS consensus algorithm for several years. Everstake has been working with the Solana project since the first testnet was deployed and is taking part in the Tour de SOL. Token holders can independently verify security and effectiveness of the Everstake validator.

Voting for Everstake, you get:

  • Access to detailed and transparent statistics on coin staking;
  • Low validator fees;
  • A plethora of PoS coins to choose from;
  • A convenient calculator that you can use to calculate your income;

Everstake constantly improves the network during the testing period. Solana is an open-source blockchain platform. You can see what contribution the Everstake team made to the development of the Solana testnet on github. (

The Everstake validator also creates solutions ( to ensure the security of the Solana RPC validator and resolve frequently encountered problems when deploying nodes.

Everstake supports Russian and Ukrainian communities, but it is not limited to them. The team conducted interviews and meetups in support of the Solana community:

  • Interview with Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko for Medium (medium .com/everstake/advanced-blockchain-technologies-interview-with-solana-founder-anatoly-yakovenko-67d0205cd293);
  • Interview with the founder for Forflog (hub;
  • Solana Moscow Meetup (facebook .com/events/648021879028032/).
  • First Solana meetup in Kyiv (medium .com/everstake/solana-first-kyiv-meetup-recap-meet-the-new-technology-315f88fddfe0);

Everstake has many solutions for managing secure PoS nodes and extensive technical background. By supporting the team and voting for Everstake, you help the platform to develop and create even more efficient and secure systems for token holders. More information about the Everstake validator can be found on the company’s official website You can also contact the team representatives on social networks.

Команда Everstake, состоящая из опытных экспертов в сфере блокчейна, является валидатором в крупных сетей, работающих на PoS. В этой статье мы расскажем, почему стоит выбрать стейкинг-провайдера Everstake для делегирования токенов Solana (SOL).

Почему важно голосовать за Everstake :ukraine: :ru:

Everstake – надежный валидатор, который на протяжении нескольких лет успешно разрабатывает безопасные решения для токенхолдеров Solana и многих других криптовалют, работающих на основе алгоритма консенсуса PoS. Everstake сотрудничает с проектом Solana с самого начала разработки первого тестнета и участвует в Tour de SOL . Токенхолдеры могут самостоятельно убедиться в безопасности и эффективности валидатора Everstake.

Голосуя за Everstake, вы получаете:

  • Доступ к подробной и прозрачной статистике по стейкингу монет;
  • Низкие комиссии валидатора;
  • Множество PoS-монет на выбор;
  • Удобный калькулятор, с помощью которого можно рассчитать свой доход;

Everstake постоянно работает над улучшением сети в период тестирования. Solana – блокчейн-платформа с открытым исходным кодом. Вы можете посмотреть, какой вклад в развитие тестнета Solana сделала команда Everstake на гитхабе. (

Также валидатор Everstake создает решения ( для обеспечения безопасности RPC-валидатора Solana и устранения часто возникающих проблем при развертывании узлов.

Everstake поддерживает русское и украинское комьюнити, но не ограничивается только ими. Команда проводила интервью и митапы в поддержку сообщества Solana:

  • Интервью с основателем Solana Анатолием Яковенко для Medium (medium .com/everstake/advanced-blockchain-technologies-interview-with-solana-founder-anatoly-yakovenko-67d0205cd293);
  • Интервью с основателем для Forflog (hub;
  • Solana Moscow Meetup (facebook .com/events/648021879028032/).
  • Первый митап Solana в Киеве (medium .com/everstake/solana-first-kyiv-meetup-recap-meet-the-new-technology-315f88fddfe0);

За плечами Everstake – множество решений для управления защищенными PoS-узлами и обширный технический бэкграунд. Поддерживая команду и голосуя за Everstake, вы помогаете платформе развиваться и создавать еще более эффективные и безопасные системы для токенхолдеров. Подробнее о валидаторе Everstake можно узнать на официальном сайте компании Также вы можете пообщаться с представителями команды в социальных сетях.



Luke Saunders

I am the CTO of Delphi Digital, a research firm providing analysis on the digital asset market. Previously I was a developer for 20 years and co-founded a company called AmaZix, where I led advisory and token economic design services, amongst other things.

Solana is my primary focus in terms of validation and I put time daily into ensuring things are running smoothly.

I have degrees in Computing and AI and consider myself handy with all things technical, including managing your delegated stake :slight_smile:

You can delegate directly to my vote account: CYqN2y4bGWXbJUUxVNGMxq8bQVZCQYE8T2Ryfvra17RL

Or better still come and chat to me here:

Discord: captainlk#9940