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Node A-Team is an experienced Proof of Stake blockchain validator service based in South Korea. We have been operating and optimizing validator nodes since Cosmos Gaia Testnet, which is one of the first Proof of Stake blockchain network.



Node A-Team’s journey as Proof of Stake validator began since 2018, when Gaia testnet of Cosmos Network was actively on-going. Since after the genesis block of Cosmos, the team has been exploring numerous blockchains with the most promising potential. A-Team is now a mainnet validator for:

  • Solana (Mainnet Beta)
  • Cosmos Hub
  • IRISnet
  • Terra Money
  • Kava
  • IOV (Internet of Value)
  • E-Money
  • Band Protocol
  • Orbit Chain

During the journey to become a validator for 9 mainnet projects, Node A-Team received multiple testnet awards, proving themselves to be a highly-qualified validator. Below are some of the highlights of the team’s incentivized testnet achievements:

  • Cosmos Game of Stakes “Never Jailed Group”
  • IRISnet Nyancat Testnet: All tasks completed - Full score
  • Terra Genesis Drill Rank #3
  • Kava Founder Member PLUS Badge
  • IOV Validator Candidate TOP 5
  • E-Money Reward Program - Full reward recipient
  • Solana Tour De Sol - Bug Bounty Recipient
  • LINO Network Validator Prize Winner Top 7
  • Akash Network Founding Member Challenge Winner

Mission / Goal

It does not require delegators the same technical expertise and resources as a validator, but they are consistently vulnerable to the risks of slashing and downtime caused by validators’ mistakes. Node A-Team is dedicated to provide secure and trustworthy validator service for their delegators to keep them safe from these risks. In order to achieve this mission, the team has spent a great portion of resources to optimize for a resilient validator node infrastructure. A-Team uses below practices and use different setups for every project, to deliver the goal of their mission:

  • Qualified and trustworthy datacenter
  • Multi-cloud setup with regional distribution of instances
  • Customized monitoring tools to stay alarmed about validator node status 24/7
  • Having stakes within the network, including SOLs, to secure all staked assets as if they were ours

Solana & Node A-Team

Node A-Team has strong faith in the future success of Solana. Solana found innovative ways to resolve the current scalability and throughput problem in blockchain ecosystem to enable new and existing applications get access to higher performance in order to provide service in a larger scale by finding the best optimization between hardware and software. Solana, therefore, will be a platform that powers enterprise-level and mass adoption application.

Since Dry Run 5 testnet, Node A-Team started to actively participate in Solana. Over Dry Run, Tour de Sol and Soft Launch Phase, the team was able to find improved validator infrastructure which is aimed to attain the liveness and resilience which they achieved in their previous networks. During the deep dive into the Solana software, Node A-Team was able to spot and report a minor bug to contribute to an improvement of the software. In addition, for real-time monitoring of general network status of Mainnet-Beta, the team has provided a Telegram Alarm which anyone with Telegram application can get access to.

Please contact or visit the links below for further details!


Kytzu validator is a small and focused team of developers and devops, founded by Calin Chitu and winner of Cosmos Game of Stakes.

The team is involved in multiple POS networks and tendermint related mobile apps development.



Staking Facilities is a team of builders. We believe Solana is uniquely different, and we are committed to making it a success. Staking with us means supporting our holistic efforts to bootstrap the Solana ecosystem.

Community contributions

  • We built the network explorer “Solana Beach” to provide stakeholders with a convenient way of exploring the Solana network.
  • We will soon launch the “Staking Wizard” - a simple and intuitive tool for staking SOL with a Ledger.

Ecosystem development

  • We are among the top market makers on Binance (SOL/BTC)
  • Our CEO, Wolfgang, joined the Solana Foundation as a board member to help expand and develop the ecosystem of the protocol.
  • We connect builders and entrepreneurs with our portfolio projects. We were able to integrate Solana in the tech stack of a well-funded German early-stage startup.
  • We co-founded the Staking Infrastructure Working Group within the European Blockchain Association to help and inform policymakers about proper regulation for PoS systems.

Professional validation services

  • Our Solana validator runs the world’s fastest CPU (EPYC 7742), which performed better than every GPU based machine in our benchmarks.
  • Our custom monitoring detects downtimes and network anomalies quickly and allows us to respond to incidents in no-time. We are on Pagerduty at all times.
  • Redundancy optimized server hardware & backup machines.
  • Private racks in multiple high-security datacenters in Germany.

For every validator, we put down a substantial self-bond, so our financial incentives are aligned with those of our customers. We are a self-financed and self-sustaining company with currently six full-time employees.


HashQuark, member of [HashKey Group] (, is a staking service provider focusing on public blockchains built upon the consensus algorithm like PoS and DPoS, and has experiences running nodes for over 40 public blockchains, including Kusama, Cosmos, IRISnet, Tezos, Klaytn, Harmony, TomoChain, Dash, IOST, Cocos, IoTeX, Factom, V SYSTEMS, ChainX, etc. HashQuark Labs is committed to the ecology and research of PoS and staking blockchains, focusing on the development of high-quality PoS projects, and providing a set of tools to enable the industry to better understand and join future products. HashQuark Open Staking Platform, part of HashQuark, has entered into partnerships with the world’s leading crypto wallets and exchanges, joining in the efforts to build a more enabling staking ecosystem.

HashQuark provides the most secure, stable and convenient enterprise-level staking services. We have completed the global server deployment and all mainstream Proof of Stake blockchains are supported. HashQuark will be your best choice to participate in the Staking ecosystem.

As the pioneer of the Staking ecosystem, HashQuark has deeply committed to the infrastructure and stable operating of mainstream PoS blockchains. Just delegate your tokens to HashQuark supernodes to easily gain rewards.


My name is Mikhail Egorov. I am 38 years old. I am a very ordinary person, with completely ordinary joys and problems in everyday life. But! More recently, I learned about crypto world. I realized that I am more immersed in the world. I am a beginner enthusiast. Thanks to the new discovery, my everyday life is diverse and has acquired new colors and emotions. I do not want to stop there.
Cryptocurrency is the digital money of the future. And blockchain is the latest technology that is used in the financial sector.
The issues of control, clarity, transparency, trust are very important for me, they reflect my character, my integrity of nature.
Thanks to this, I have a very close understanding.
I want to be part of this new, rapidly developing world, part of the future.



Thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself and the value I bring.

• Graduated in Computer Science and began my professional journey at Bell Labs
• My curiosity to solve technical and business problems landed me at Accenture
• Lived in 20+ countries working with top 100 brands and helping them adopt major technology shifts and innovations (e.g. web, cloud, mobile, and now blockchain)
• Like many, I discovered Bitcoin whitepaper several years ago and focussed 100% to learn this new fabric of protocols, networks, internet-native currencies and web3-first businesses
• Built and Exit a PoW protocol agnostic API platform that helps connect legacy software to blockchain protocols and networks, making it easier for businesses to deploy blockchain-ready and/or blockchain-native solutions
• Currently running PoS validator services for several networks

• When we got started, the nodes were based of residential high speed fibre internet (FTTP) to experiment and understand the requirements (hardware, network, …)
• Currently our nodes run of dedicated bare metal servers at a highly secure data centre
• Committed to providing redundant and highly available validator service

• I was introduced to Solana by a friend of mine and have to admit, I fell in love as soon I finished reading the whitepaper and the bios of the core team
• I was lucky that I managed to meet one of the team members and I expressed an interest to be involved in Solana in some way shape or form
• When Tour de SOL was announced, I was part of the first cohort to run a node out of APAC
• Since then I have participated in our monthly iterations and currently running nodes in/for both TdS and MB

• Quite early in (2019) I ran APAC first Solana meetup here in Australia to introduce the protocol, network, team and the engineering brilliance to the local audience
• Plan to continue running a local chapter here in Australia

• Should my passion for decentralised protocols and networks spark your interest, I invite you to get in touch with me
• Do consider delegating your Solana stake and rest assured you shall receive my un-divided attention and service
• Vote Account: 7NwjYBhHVqEbqmMHqMqUnQ4thomaX9qXytMEULQFkAny

• Github: pkrasam
• LinkedIn: pkrasam
• Twitter: pkrasam
• Keybase: pkrasam


Alpha Virtual

We are a diverse team of developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts with a goal of providing secure and reliable staking services for a myriad of blockchain networks.

With a background is in edtech, fintech, network security, and cryptocurrency mining we have since transitioned to investing and running validators on Proof of Stake blockchains. We always self-stake a substantial investment into any blockchain project we support; so you can be assured we have plenty of “skin in the game”.


We began validating on the Solana blockchain in early February 2020 and joined the Tour de Sol incentivized testnet shortly afterward followed by an invitation to participate in mainnet beta.

We believe Solana brings a novel solution to the blockchain ecosystem with its remarkably high performance and innovative Proof of History concept, we are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in such an innovative project. We have several projects in the works to continue to support the Solana community:

  • We run a Solana RPC server on the, a Solana partner that links Solana with the Pocket Network.
  • We run a market-making bot which provides SOL liquidity to the market.
  • Soon to be released infrastructure and provisioning project to automate the process of standing up new Solana nodes.


  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure hosted across multiple cloud and co-location providers in multiple geographical regions to achieve constant operation of our validation service.
  • Redundant load-balanced and monitored node infrastructure with no single point of failure.
  • Hardware-based key management.
  • Third-party audited security.

Uptime Assurance

  • Three nines uptime SLA.
  • Physical data centers with geo-redundancy
  • Hybrid multi-cloud approach for scalability.


  • Real-time dashboard to actively monitor and manage your staking portfolio with live price updates.
  • Transparent on-chain auditable reports & compliance.
  • See your projected earnings net of fees in crypto and in fiat.

We also actively run validators in the following blockchain projects:

  • Celo
  • Coda
  • Cosmos
  • Elrond
  • Ethereum 2.0 (Prysm & Lighthouse)
  • Harmony
  • Matic
  • NuCypher
  • Pocket
  • Polkadot
  • Tezos

We are in the process of re-branding our website and social media, but feel free to contact me directly for any questions or concerns:
discord: nbolam.eth | Alpha Virtual#8432
telegram: @nbolamav
twitter: @avblockchain
keybase: @nbolam


Hi, I’m Sunny Aggarwal from Sikka!

We are a top validator on the Cosmos Hub and Kava blockchains. We are proud to have the highest Union Score of 116.94 and the highest number of delegators across all protocols!

You can learn more in my #NoSharding Solana Podcast episode with @anatoly



Who are we?

A bunch of dev and ops enginners brought together by the passion for descentralisation and trasparency.
We all have 10+ years experice in software development and excel in our field of expertise.
StakeThat has been involved in multiple PoS blockchains testnets, and also offering staking services on mainet.
We have been with Solana since the beginning of TdS.

What we’ve done so far:

POS node operator mainnet

  • Kusama
  • Polkadot
  • Solana
  • Iris
  • Cosmos
  • Terra
  • Kava

POS node operator testnet

  • Cosmos GOZ
  • Solana
  • Matic
  • Regen
  • NuCypher
  • Celo
  • Near
  • Akash

How do we do it?

  • distributed cloud instances, bare metal and cloud kubernetes cluster
  • monitoring 24/7
  • we like automation
  • we like securiy




all the details on


Hello from Stakin :wave:,

Kindly see below some information about our validator. Looking forward to having you on board :ship:.

Validator name: Stakin
Twitter: @stakinofficial

Stakin is an infrastructure operator for Proof-of-stake (PoS) public blockchain, offering public delegation and staking-as-a-service.

At Stakin, the whole team is very optimist on the future of Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies. We believe it can improve the distribution of wealth and leads us towards a better-decentralized future while being energy-efficient and thus sustainable.

With high throughput, low latency and an efficient consensus, we believe that Solana will become a major blockchain network in the near term future. That is why we have been active in Solana during testnet and Tour de Sol since 2019.

Our intention is to build a staking service first and foremost for the community, the holders, the builders, the developers, and the believers. As a key player in the staking ecosystem, we have provided validation services for multiple networks with high uptime and are already proudly serving 3,000+ delegators.

We have experience running nodes for high profile blockchain networks such as:

  • Solana
  • Cosmos Network
  • Irisnet
  • Kava Labs
  • E-Money
  • Tezos
  • Polkadot
  • Kusama
  • Icon
  • Celo

Contact Us

We would :heart: to hear from you

Email us or check additional contact links on our website at Stakin . com

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Staking and cryptocurrencies investment involves a high degree of risk and there is always the possibility of loss, including the loss of all staked digital assets. Additionally, delegators are at risk of slashing in case of security or liveness faults on some PoS protocols. We advise you to do your own due diligence before choosing a validator.


RockX is a professional digital asset service platform that aims to enable anyone to capitalize on the emerging global asset class of digital assets in the smartest and most secure way. It enables professional and institutional investors to diversify their existing portfolio with proof of work mining, and operates validators and participates in the ecosystem development and governance of various world-leading proof-of-stake blockchains.

  • RockX is actively involved in the PoS ecosystem. We believe a healthier, stronger community benefits everyone in this new emerging market, and we build partnerships with quite a few blockchain projects.
  • We are always looking to provide customers with valuable platforms and opportunities for digital assets, and provide lower commission rate and trustworthy staking service to customers.
  • Our experienced DevSecOps team provide 24*7 support to ensure the security and reliability of the validators.
  • RockX is one of early adopters of Solana since Solana Testnet and TdS. It’s a long exciting journey started one year ago and we’re looking forward to the next steps.

You can stay in touch with us via or

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Validator name: LowFeeValidation
Vote key: edu1fZt5i82cFm6ujUoyXLMdujWxZyWYC8fkydWHRNT

Higher performance at Low Cost.

Decentralised team and competitive servers in Germany and US.

Chat with us on Discord

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reserved huglester. to be done

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Cryptium Labs

Security-oriented Validator from the :switzerland::mountain_snow:

Cryptium Labs is a security-oriented validator operated by protocol researchers and engineers based in Zug, Switzerland. The company was funded in summer 2018 and has since secured Tezos (since July 2018) currently operating the largest public baker, IRISnet and the Cosmos Network since March 2019, and the Kusama Network (since August 2019) among other mainnets. On testnets, Cryptium Labs does not only relentlessly secure them, but also continuously tests and provides developer feedback throughout the developer releases. Cryptium Labs been involved with Solana since Tour de Sol dry runs (2019) and has participated actively in all of Solana’s TdS, SLP, mainnet beta on performant hardware. Additionally, the team has provided prompt responses and software upgrades when necessary.

  • About our security architecture:
  • Our Solana network page:
  • Read more on Solana’s Validator Feature Series’ Cryptium Labs’ section

Beyond Validation
Unlike a PoW-dominated landscape, with the emergence of PoS networks such as Solana, stakeholder decisions can directly impact on properties such as decentralization or infrastructure security. Thus, in order to guarantee the long-term success of a network, our team has deemed essential to not only evolve protocols technically and provide infrastructure, but also their communities and ecosystems. In alignment with vision, we have contributed since summer 2018 in the following areas:

  • Open-source research & development: The validator is operated by protocol researchers and engineers, who have and continuously contributes to open-source R&D. Examples of the latter are Tezos core protocol development; Tezos baker payout tooling bäckerei, the Ledger + KMS integration for Cosmos, and research into zero-knowledge cryptography ( & secure smart contract development tools, such as Juvix, a smart contract language correct by construction.
  • Community development: making educational content (written and audiovisual) about the protocols, crypto economics, security, how-to delegate guides, and stay up-to-date on on-chain governance) on the protocols, cryptoeconomics, security, how-to interact guides accessible for a background-agnostic audience– with the goal of informing all the stakeholders in a network so they can make informed decisions after acquiring a better understanding of security and economic implications. Our published work has been used as a reference by many established entities in the industry from validators and exchanges to HSM providers.
  • Governance: On networks that deploy a mechanism through which the protocol evolves itself or adopts changes, Cryptium Labs has participated as an active governance steward on behalf of their delegators. Our contributions as active governance stewards go beyond casting votes, by publishing our governance policies for larger transparency or by open-sourcing analysis of the expected economic and technical impacts of both on-chain or off-chain proposals. See for example our Tezos and Cosmos governance participation on
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Hello Solmates, I am Terence, Co-founder of Forbole.

Forbole [ˈfɔːbəl] was founded in 2017. We are a pioneer in blockchain staking, development & UX solution, and community building. We are a well-known validator and contributor with proven track record in various blockchain ecosystems. We are an active member in Solana community since Jun 2019.

Forbole is currently a team of 12 core member. We are incorporated in Hong Kong with teammates working across three time zones (Asia, Europe and North America). We are a rare established validator who comes from Chinese-speaking region. We serve as the bridge between the investors/communities in the region and novel blockchain projects such as Solana.

We are known as a hardworking, knowledgeable and friendly contributor in this space. Being a founding team of another blockchain project specific for social network, we are able to think from one more perspective as a blockchain project owner.

As a non-VC backed validator, SOL is the largest holding in our portfolio which means we have strong skin-in-the-game both as a company and as individuals. We will self-delegate a good amount of our stake and delegate a fair amount to smaller Solana validators to help growing the community. Our upcoming plan for Solana community also includes:

  • Customizing Big Dipper for Solana. Big Dipper is an award-winning open-source block explorer well received by the market. The work can provide SOL stakeholders with a market-proven UX and enhance the communication across different blockchain communities.
  • Creating more Chinese contents uniquely written by us. This can help the marketing of Solana in Chinese region. (Reference: Forbole 參與 Solana 的原因 (Why Forbole joined Solana))

You can find out more about us in below channels:


Staking Fund has been actively engaging in the validating role for numerous novel Proof-of-Stake protocols since early 2018 and proving our commitment to secure decentralized blockchain networks with high availability and zero slashing.

We’ve been validating on Solana since TdS Stage 1 and had the opportunity to participate from Soft-Launch Phase(SLP) to Mainnet Beta.

Delegate to us on Mainnet


Check out our website for more information.

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Coverlet. Staking? Got you covered!

We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts consisting of developers and devops specialists. Running both bare metal and virtual servers from different cloud providers, we work hard on our monitoring tools in order to provide secure validation with maximum uptime and 24/7 support.

We are involved in various POS projects and work on building apps for the ecosystem.

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stakefish - The leading staking service provider for blockchain projects

We believe in a future with multiple public blockchains supporting multiple widely adopted applications and currencies. Our primary mission is to provide the infrastructure backbone for these projects.

With over a year in operation, we have been running validator nodes on the Cosmos Hub (and won the Game of Stakes), Tezos, Chainlink, Algorand, The OAN (Aion), Kusama, Storj, IRIS Network, Kava, Cardano, Edgeware, Celo and Band Protocol. We also have nodes on various testnets: Solana, Matic, Harmony, Persistence, NEAR Protocol, NuCypher, Oasis Labs, Centrifuge Chain and Elrond.

stakefish is a validator founded by Wang Chun, co-founder of f2pool, the largest Bitcoin mining pool and one of the largest pools for Ethereum and many other networks.

Solana has been on our radar since its inception. We have been involved in many of the Tour de Sol dry runs (DR5, and top 3 in the DR6 with 98.1% efficiency) and have participated in all of TdS (TdS1, TdS2) and SLP (SLP1, SLP2).

Addresses used on them:

  • TdS: fish2tcDFRiAM1cNKqF7b96WzQmmDRjsf5XD214MhpV

  • SLP: 3Z5XVczCTXeYeFABoeFm1LngC9657kZMVGNFzqFXviHb

And current one on Mainnet:


Delegate to us, stake with us. We know staking.

Follow our latest announcements on Twitter @stakedotfish.


reserved spot for future infomation