[Validator Roundtable] #1 - 20/5/2019 - Summary

Summary of Solana’s Validator Roundtable #2 (20/5/2019)


  • Three ways to get help: Discord, Forums, and these bi-weekly Roundtables
  • Tour de SOL (Solana’s incentivized testnet)
    • Goal launch date ~beginning of August
    • Likely 2-3 competitions (‘stages’) - focused on transaction processing (throughput) and Proof-of-Replication validating
    • We want your help!
      • If you have opinions on GoS (or incentivized testnets in general) and 15min to spare, let us know - we’d love to chat.
    • Much more detail to come.


  • Testnet is stable!
    • If you haven’t already, join us.
  • Validators should think about path toward GPUs
    • Check out validator specs here (specifically, the mid-range option on the ‘alternatives’ tab should be plenty of firepower)
    • Will be necessary for Tour de Sol
  • What are replicator nodes?
    • Light clients that are incentivized to store the ledger.
    • PoH allows us to stripe and store the ledger in a distributed way providing multi-factor redundancy without any single node needing to store the whole thing
    • Providing replication to the network will be a lower-overhead network onboarding option than through validation.
    • Replication rewards will likely be auto-delegated to a validator chosen by the replicator.


  • Next Validator Roundtable will be scheduled for Thurs June 6th (and bi-weekly Thursdays following) - keep an eye out for the invite.

Links and Resources

  • Meeting minutes can be found here
  • No audio recording available for this call
  • Agenda can be found here