[Validator Roundtable] #2 - 6/6/2019 - Summary & Audio Recording

Summary of Solana’s Validator Roundtable #2 (6/6/2019)


  • End of June release (v0.16.0) will have full PoH (Proof of History) enabled. This means you’re going to want to start deploying systems with GPUs!
    • We don’t want hardware to be a barrier to entry, if you have questions/concerns/etc about getting up and running with GPUs, don’t hesitate to reach out - we can help make it happen.
    • Validator specs here

Tour de SOL approacheth

  • Three stages: payment processing, smart contract processing and proof-of-replication processing (see minutes for more details)
  • Registration soon (FYI - KYC/AML will be required to fully participate)
  • Full details in July
  • Stage 1 kickoff aiming for first week in August
  • How to stay up to date?
    • #validator-announcements Discord channel is single source of truth for all Solana Validator related information. Please subscribe to announcements.
  • Whats your plan?
    • Help us understand how y’all are going to be setting up your systems, please let us know whether you plan to run validation in the cloud vs co-lo vs at home here.

Links & Resources:

  • Recording for the call can be found here (Shoutout to @Gavin for arranging this)
  • Meeting minutes can be found here

@dominic a quick question, for the validator specs, do we need to look into liquid cooling options for CPUs and/or GPUs

Validator Specs

CPU Cooling Option

GPU Cooling Option

You definitely don’t need to. Liquid cooling is more an optimization to increase power density, improve acoustics or maybe to handle an overclocked/overvolted setup. Multi-gpu + high-TDP CPUs do have high overall power usage, but I would say try with aircooled first and monitor the performance, if it’s adequate then there is no need to invest in watercooling. We have been using aircooled setups and not had any significant problems, albeit all at stock speeds.

That said, it would be really cool to benchmark a liquid cooled setup to see how it performs :slight_smile:

Thank you @stephen …those details were really helpful.

I will explore liquid cooling based on how complex and in-expensive it is to build out.