[Validator Roundtable] #3 - 6/21/2019 - Summary & Audio Recording

Summary of Solana’s Validator Roundtable #3 (6/21/2019)


  • v0.16 shipping next week
  • Jump on this one - test it out. Get your GPUs up and running ASAP!
    • If you have any questions/concerns about GPUs, reach out.

Tour De SOL

  • v0.16 is the release we plan to use for the first Stage of Tour de SOL.

  • Tour de SOL registration to open next week

    • Start with basic information collection
    • Will follow-up with necessary waivers/etc
  • We’re also currently working on a Validator Explorer and our Tour de SOL leaderboard, if you have any thoughts/input we’d love to hear it. Related: see our current Block Explorer here

Links and Resources:

  • Recording for the call can be found here
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