[Validator Roundtable] #4 - 11/7/2019 - Summary & Audio Recording

Summary of Solana’s Validator Roundtable #4 (11/7/2019)

Tour De SOL:

  • Registration for Tour De SOL is now officially open!
  • There will be a KYC/AML process required before compensation can be distributed. This will likely be done through CoinList. Will be required to be completed some time between the start and the end of the event.
  • Registration for KYC/AML needs to be done as an individual rather than an organisation
  • Preliminary Compensation Design for Tour De SOL is out for review! We aim to have it finalized by early next week so if you have any feedback please let us know ASAP.
  • Solana will be providing a support schedule for Validators during Tour De SOL, identifying the appropriate point of contact from our team during the Stage 1 event.
  • Upcoming milestones (validator action needed)
    • Stage 1 registration closes - 7/21
    • Stage 1 dry run #1
      • 24 hour test run
      • Kickoff: 09:00 PT on Tues 7/23
    • Stage 1 dry run #2
      • 48 hour test run
      • Kickoff: 09:00 PT on Tues 7/30 - 09:00 PT Thurs 8/1
    • TdS public key registration - TBD
      • Process for public key registration via keybase to be documented
    • TdS stage 1 kickoff - 8/5


  • Our software can handle about 60-80k peak tps at the moment on 100mbps, so please remember to advise your cloud providers as this level of traffic would be unexpected


  • We’ll be in Korea for BUIDL 2019 in late July. Dates are not finalised yet, but if you’re interested in catching up. Reach out to @dominicto co-ordinate.
  • If anyone is interested in making some technical contributions please feel free to reach out to @anatoly who can help point you in the right direction, or check out some great first issues in our Github

Links and Resources:

  • Shoutout to Meher from Chorus One for helping us take some great notes from the call, which can be found here

  • Recording for the call can be found here

  • Link to the Agenda from the call

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