[Validator Roundtable] #5 - 18/6/2019 - Summary & Audio Recording

Summary of Solana’s Roundtable #5 (18/6/2019)

Key Takeaways

  • No GPU’s required for Dry Run #1
  • If you haven’t provided us your Keybase username yet, please follow the instructions provided via email the other day and send your Keybase username to dominic@solana.com
  • You do not need to send us your public key once it’s generated, it simply needs to be placed into your Keybase account as per the instructions, and we will automatically pull the information from there and into the Public Registry Spreadsheet
  • Detailed information on the Validator Dry Run is provided in a separate topic here (same as what was provided in the email / discord announcement)

Status of Solana’s Internal Dry Run

  • It’s begun! We’re just running them via CPU’s ourselves for now as well. Will transition to GPU’s later as we continue our internal dry run. We’re progressively working through issues as they come up, our first one appeared after only a minute of running it! But it’s getting progressively more and more stable.
  • Expect a few versions to be released between now and the Validator Dry Run. We expect to be staying on v0.16.X for the dry runs including Stage 1.


  • We’ll be in Korea for BUIDL 2019 between the 21st and the 24th of July. Feel free to reach out if you’re keen to catch up while you’re in town.
  • If anyone is interested in making some technical contributions please feel free to reach out to @anatoly who can help point you in the right direction, or check out some great first issues in our Github

Links and Resources:

  • Link to the Agenda from the call
  • Recording for the call can be found here
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