Validator without participating in Voting

Is it possible to become a Solana validator without participating in the consensus (without voting)? The objective here is to get the Solana blockchain data for personal use. Thanks

I am getting the following error:

2021-12-21T17:04:32.721161642Z ERROR solana_watchtower] balance sanity failure: 7WHNobsNEpZjzymAGVQHBPv9n9yjMTMTaEMKbU5hrQ9H has ◎0.030000000
[2021-12-21T17:04:32.721167237Z ERROR solana_watchtower] delinquent sanity failure: 7WHNobsNEpZjzymAGVQHBPv9n9yjMTMTaEMKbU5hrQ9H missing
[2021-12-21T17:04:32.721265580Z INFO solana_watchtower] Failure 1 of 1: solana-watchtower: Error: balance: 7WHNobsNEpZjzymAGVQHBPv9n9yjMTMTaEMKbU5hrQ9H has ◎0.030000000

Hi @nitinkrshukla and welcome to the forum! :wave:

You can create a non-voting Solana node, which is usually called an RPC node.

The steps are very similar to running a validator, but I haven’t personally walked through the steps for running a validator yet and I don’t know exactly what to do differently to make it non voting.

You ask on the Solana discord, where somebody should be able to help out.

:warning: Warning: Telegram and Discord and other messaging platforms are a haven for people trying to scam you. Never give anybody your seed phrase or private key. Even support officials and admins will never ask for your seed phrase or private key. And never use a wallet app that you have not used before if somebody asks you to. They will fake a real wallet and use the fake wallet to steal all of your tokens.

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Thanks for your reply. I managed to run an RPC node without voting. Details on how to run a RPC node without voting is available at: This article takes you to easily build Solana authentication node.

Now, I am facing a different issue. The node that I have setup is currently running (verified using solana gossip command) and some 350 GB of ledger data has been downloaded. I am not able to get any block or transaction data using getBlock & getTransaction JSON RPC APIs. The error I am getting is:

{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“error”:{“code”:-32011,“message”:“Transaction history is not available from this node”},“id”:1}

Although I can get AccountInfo, AccountBalance, BlockHeight, etc. Your help regarding this is deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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I just checked the CLI help and it looks like there’s a --enable-rpc-transaction-history flag that you need to add when you run the validator.

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Thanks, it worked. Now I am getting the transaction history data. Highly appreciated.

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