Wallet Address automatically change

My solana wallet Address automatically change and automatically generated new wallet Address and my old wallet Address fund 0 what can i do I don’t know please help My main wallet Address
6V8oXhxdsWuxS4aTgxM7FkdoVwznrsCJk49ajn3tZFXd I submit seed 100% accurate because save my email address please help other wise I think this is scam

What you are saying doesn’t make sense. your wallet address can’t generate a new wallet address. What wallet are you using and how did you sign into it?

Which wallet did you use?
Did you save seed phase and or private key?


100% save

Save My email

Submit My private key my wallet Address automatically change generate new wallet Address

It is wallet adress.
Which wallet:

  • sollet
  • sollet (extention)
  • solfare
  • Phantom
  • other?

Salona wallet Address Sir

Sollet wallet Address Sir

I think sollet stores the private key in a cookie and you decrypt it with your password. Maybe you cleared your cookies? There is the option of exporting the mnemonic of your private key in your account options.

You should also have downloaded a mnemonic backup file which contains the same mnemonic (12 words) which you can use to import your old account.

No Sir I trying My level best but I can’t recovery my old wallet Address 6V8oXhxdsWuxS4aTgxM7FkdoVwznrsCJk49ajn3tZFXd

You do have the mnemonic phrase?

I just tried it. It works. You should have 12 or 24 words written down or in a file somewhere. Use that to restore your old Sollet account.


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DONT :weary:

… that is basically your account

I also can’t find your public address with that mnemonic… are you sure this is the matching mnemonic for your old account?

still, never ever share the mnemonic (these words) for your account with anyone. Noone will ever ask you for them, otherwise they are a scammer. They allow full access to your account.

sorry to disturb your time, i have a problem with my solana wallet, i can’t get into my solana wallet, maybe i forgot or don’t know how to back up the key, i’m asking please can i get my wallet back, the proof of the transaction is still there, if you want it will I’ll show you, thank you


You guys need to understand how this works.
“EpjgRHYaS7R8wr7Uwn4evicfF1Tjevy9No1SHhXYtGux” is the public key to your account, aka your account address. you share this with other people so they can find your account.

There is however, a private key required to take tokens from your account. This private key should be kept secret and only you should know it. Anyone who knows the private key can do anything they want with the account.

The private key is basically just another random string of numbers, but it can be derived from a list of 12 or 24 human-readable words, which makes it easier to handle for humans (seed phrase). Anyone can use the solana-cli to derive a private key from a seed phrase, it is basically just another format for your private key so don’t lose it or share it.

Now a wallet is basically just anything that stores your private key/seed phrase. It can be a piece of paper, a piece of hardware, a file on your computer, … Sollet stores it in your browser, but it encrypts it with a password. When you enter the password, the private key can be decrypted and read. You can check if your web wallet has any keys stored by going to the web wallet page with your browser, right click > inspect > “Storage” tab > “Local Storage”. There should be an entry there which is your encrypted private key.

Whatever wallet you use, Sollet, Solflare, Phantom, etc… when you create a new account you get a seed phrase. You can also import an account by importing a seed phrase or a private key. In Sollet you do this by clicking “Restore existing wallet”. It will ask you for the seed phrase it gave you when creating your account. It should work similarly with other web wallets.

That means if you deleted your browsers local storage, Sollet can not find your private key to access your account, or even know which account you want to access. This is where you need to import your wallet using the seed phrase. Find your seed phrase and click “Restore existing wallet”. Enter the seed phrase, set a password for encryption (in local storage) and then it will show you a list of public keys it can derive from this seed phrase. You pick your old accounts public key and you are done.

If you lost your seed phrase or your raw private key, your account is lost too. There is no way to get it back, without breaking Solana. That is the purpose of private keys. You need this information to have access to your account.


Same happend to me. do you find any solution ?

I had the same issue, Phantom wallet address just automatically changed, anybody find the solution? Thanks