Wallet drain with no transactions

So i got my wallet (GG5fKVA7NPoXSKKA279PQikwXVWxz4S5QzkWCjKC3wsx) drained (ik dumb of me, i just woke up and clicked minting link of a discord that got hacked). So i lost all my nfts and tokens, but there are no transactions of the nfts and tokens leaving my wallet. Like if u go look here : Solscan it goes from 3ojj4q6GwZMm6Nrv92keFeSMcfVJfiKYvYPRb8sMjefp to GG5fKVA7NPoXSKKA279PQikwXVWxz4S5QzkWCjKC3wsx (both are me just 1 is slope and other is phantom) BUT THEN it somehow goes into 8hFAuFH8DZrGf1nJnH8wd1ysRkpFfsCpwJwHswRV8kKS and they sell it (this is just 1 example, I got more. I lost around 3 nfts (45 sol worth (my dumbass spent my savings on em ) ) . There are 0 transactions (me and many others checked) that show nfts and tokens leaving wallet. Whats makes things even worse is that i cant rebuy tokens that i previously had for some reason, I tried many different swapping websites (jup.ag , raydium, etc) I just cant trade for tokens that i had in my wallet before the draining. Which is bad because, i had staked an nft called Moshiheads and after 2 weeks they ended up dying, so i have to pay 30 $MOSHI to revive them, but now i cant get the 30 $MOSHI in the first place. So i have 2 nfts just stuck there.

@aaron This is so sad :cry:
Unfortunately i don’t see any way out of this!
Verify websites you visit next time.
Sorry for you loss.