Wallet Hacked — Information Tracking Thread

Hey folks,

A lot of people have their wallets drained and their funds lost by some kind of scam or hack, and they don’t know why it happened. We may or may not be able to figure out why, but if we want to have any chance of knowing precisely why your funds were lost in the first place, we’ll have to gather as much info as we can about what apps or wallets you used, what sites you connected to, etc.

I’m starting this thread to allow people to post, in one place, what happened to them so that we might be able to start finding patterns and maybe understanding what went wrong for some people and help prevent it in the future.

You are not required to share any of this information if it is a privacy concern for you, this is just to help the community find out how accounts are getting hacked so that we might be able to do something about it or at least get a better understanding of what has happened in the past.

What we’ll want to do is try and keep this thread tidy. You can comment with as thorough of a description as you can of what you last did with your wallet and under what scenario it got hacked. Good things to know would be:

  • Every single different wallet or app that you have ever put your seed phrase or private key into, mobile, desktop or web extension.
  • Apps that you might have used and which wallet you connected to the app with.
  • How you generated your seed phrase and which app you created your wallet with
  • How long ago you created the wallet and how recently you were hacked
  • The address that stole your money would be useful to correlate different people who were compromised through the same kind of attack, though it probably wont helps us stop the thief.
  • Anything else you can think of that might be related.

Try not to post a bunch of small comments so that this thread stays easy to look through, and feel free to open up separate topics to discuss specific cases and possible correlations.

Unfortunately there’s no way to recover lost funds. If your wallet key or seed phrase was stolen then any funds you put into that wallet will probably be stolen again, so don’t use that address anymore.

It could have been stolen because of malware on any of your devices or if you used a fake wallet such as a mobile Phantom wallet, when there isn’t actually a mobile Phantom wallet, just scams.

I highly recommend using a Ledger hardware wallet to store any amount over $50. Using a Ledger and keeping your seed phrase off of devices that could have malware will prevent anybody from stealing your funds without you physically pushing the buttons on your ledger device.

The caveat with non-custodial wallets such as Phantom, Trust Wallet, etc, is that you now control the security of your funds, unlike usual where a bank can keep your money safe.

Our consumer devices are often far from secure and are subject to a variety of security threats. Instead of assuming that your device is safe enough, putting your key on a ledger device makes sure that your key is never exposed to your phone or computer where malware might steal it.

This does not mean you are totally safe from scams, though. If you approve a transaction from a malicious site with your Ledger wallet, the site can still steal all your money, so you must be careful to only approve transactions from sites that you trust your money with.

I don’t know why people use such wallet where still have many reliable exchanger like FreshForex so if possible, please create an account there. Thanks