We are building a community based search engine

Hello there, I will try to keep it short but informative.

I am co-founder of Sievable, a community based search engine that use machine learning to actually execute your query. It works pretty much like a any specialized search plateform, put our goal is to become global.

To make it simple, anyone can come and index anything they feel like and help us to grow our catalog our train our system. You own the data and thus you can share, exchange it or delete it at any time and without delay. Since you also participate in the making of the plateform, you are also rewarded with some Sievable SPL-Token (symbol SVBL on Solscan). We plan to list the token on an exchange soon.

We are very new, went public just a week ago, so we have very little content.
If you are interested, you can talk with us on our Discord : Sievable or check directly the website https://sievable.com